Saturday, November 15, 2008

Critter Update

Today's market was slower than slow. The most action we had was from the big wind and threatening rain that thankfully waited until I was safely packed up and on my way home before it let loose. I sold a few ornaments and one card in 5 hours. Like I said - slow.

So I thought I'd do a critter update today. I have lots of photos and nothing to do with them; what else can I do but share? ;-)

First we have my cat, who is snugly nestled into my customers' coats at Monday night's workshop. The Ladies know that if they put their coats on the chair, they risk an abundance of cat hair accompanying them home. Do you think she looks comfy?

Did you catch that pile of paper in the background of the first kitty pic? That is the Scrap Heap. Yes, I was brave enough to show it to you.

I took this next picture the day before the rest of the leaves blew off the tree:

I just love the color of the red leaves, especially against the back-drop of the yellow tree behind it. I get to see this every morning out my bedroom window. Until the leaves all fell off, that is.

Do you remember the Great Moss Massacre? Well, it looks like a few pieces of moss made it:

And remember the Big Reveal last weekend, where I showed you this:

Well, I put it out for the squirrels Sunday morning:

Here is one fat rodent working on stuffing himself for the Winter (I'd say this was Tuesday morning):

The corn to the squirrel's left is pretty much gone already, and the ones on the right are still intact. I tried to take a photo today of the cob carcasses left at the end of the feasting, but they turned out awful, so I opted to ask you to instead just take my word that they are gone, gone, gone. And I am sure there are some happy, happy squirrels out there, somewhere.

And lastly, the sun did come out for about 7 minutes today, and look who walked by the market:

I thought they were whippets, but no, they are full-grown Italian Greyhounds. I included their Mom's legs in the pic so you could get a feel for their size. I love their fleece coats!

So, that's it for today. I think I'll go stamp something. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. i agree, the red leaves are gorgeous! I have been staring at brown leaves out the window for weeks now - bleh....


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