Saturday, November 29, 2008

Marathon Post # 10

I could say I am channeling June, but no, I am stealing from her. Yep - outright stealing. When people use the word CASE, it generally stands for Copy And Share Everything, but in my case (oh, how punny) it stands for Copy And Steal Everything.

When I saw this card on her blog, I immediately thought of my cache of unused and unloved Washi papers, and my neglected Cuttlebug embossing folders. So, I immediately set aside the pile of City Cards I am working on for next weekend, and started to attempt The Steal.

Now that I look back at June's post, I think this would have looked better with a layer of white between the paper and the blue layer, but there's plenty more Washi paper where this came from (from which this came.) I like hers better, anyway. That's what I get for stealing.

I am going back to my CASEing and City Cards now. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. You, thief, you! LOL! It takes one to know one!

  2. Great are so smart using that Cuttlebug. I may have to do some your way now that my India cards are gone (and I'm not replacing them!!!)

  3. OH YUM!!!!!!!!
    (i loved june's version of this also! basically, in food or design, you have me at "asian-inspired"!) :)


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