Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Little Irreverence

Ack! Still out of focus. It looked okay on the camera, really! I hope it does not make you too dizzy to look at it...

I have wanted to make this card ever since I got the PTI Boards & Beams set. Finally, last month I got my hands on the witch's feet stamp from A Muse, so I made this last night.

The patterned paper is a scrap from the scrap heap. Yessiree, Bob. I was trying to make it look not Halloween-y, so I played up the brown and did a weird thing with the ribbon. The more I look at the card from across the room, I think I should make the sentiment a bit smaller so it does not dwarf the house so much.

Also, since I'd planned to only use part of the house, I lined it up with the edge of the layer, then lined up the whole thing with the spine of the card instead of centering the matted layers. I kinda like how that came out!

Check out the witches' feet. I know it is difficult to tell because it is so out of focus, but I used a gelly glitter pen to color them in, so in real life they are all sparkly, just like in the Wizard of Oz.

Okay, I've got to go work on my camera skills. My eyes are crossing.


  1. That sentiment totally cracks me up! Love the card.
    Perhaps if you use the macro setting on the camera the focus might be better? I use a macro setting called *text* on mine and it makes the words nice and crisp every time :)

  2. Love it! I also use the Macro setting. I also almost always sharpen my pictures with Picasa or another photo editing software. Picasa is free!

  3. Ha! That's hysterical! I don't think it looks Halloween-y at all. I didn't even think of Halloween until you mentioned it.

  4. I love the feet! A perfect touch. I love the dps you choose for your cards. You have very good taste ;)

  5. Another macro setting user here...though mine aren't really any better! Operator error on my part!

    Love the sentiment.

  6. Love the picture! I feel badly but I am not sure what macro-settings are.....


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