Monday, November 24, 2008

Just To Make YOU Feel Better ...

I am in the middle of at least three different projects right now, and the one I am working on at this very moment has me going, "Oh, what about ...", which sends me into The Other Room to get yet another alphabet set, and when I came out just now, I stopped in my tracks. Behold:

See that Choc Chip ink pad on top of the Vanilla piece of card stock? That is my next victim. See the corner of the grid paper upon which it sits? It barely fits. I'm officially down to about a 6x6-inch work space, and I am not done yet! I cannot take the time to clean the last alphabet that failed me and sent me into The Other Room to get a different one. I cannot clean them because of all the other stamps stacked up on my box of wipes! I'd have to clean those before I could clean that last bad-choice alphabet, and who has the time?! I'm creating, here, people!!!! So there it all sits.

How's that saying go? If you cannot be a good example, be a dire warning. Is that it? So, do YOU feel better about YOUR so-called mess? Hmmm? Okay, then, my work here is done.


  1. LOL...that makes me feel soooo much better about the mess on my desk, it's not even close to as bad as that...pmsl!!!

    Going off on a tangent...a few years back I had a t-shirt made for my best friend who loved it and wears it often, and has even worn it to school (she's a teacher).... *If you can't be a good example, be a very bad warning*!!!!

  2. ha ha ha, i do the EXACT same thing!! It usually gets to the point where I have to find a book or something to stamp on because i've lost the battle with table space. :)

  3. Kinda jealous actually, but totally can relate!

  4. table looks almost exactly like this right now. I want it cleaned up so badly, but I can't until I'm finished making whatever card is evolving in my head. I'd better get up there and create so I can clean it up a little :)

  5. Well I have NO SPACE AT ALL in my room so I brought a bunch of stuff upstairs to my new dining room. Yup ! My table is piled with fabric ribbon charms stamps a sewing machine cutting mat scissors etc....
    DH just laughed and shook his head.
    I'm doomed here.


  6. I'm so totally just like this. I had all my stamping stuff all over my dining room table, and my coffee table in my main-room living space. It was so bad at one point I was sitting on the floor to use my paper trimmer. When I almost stepped on it I finally cleaned up and put tons of stuf away. I'm now able to see exactly half of my table -- it's a huge improvement!

  7. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

    izzit wrong that i am seriously, SERIOUSLY comforted by a glimpse of someone else's worktable looking EXACTLY like mine does, mid-project??!?! ok, except that mine would have less stamps, but more precarious & shifty piles of paper...and if we widened out to see the floor around the table we might well encounter a paper file or two in EXACLTY the right position to be self-injuringly tripped over on the next trip to "THE OTHER ROOM"!

    (thanks, leslie--i needed that!) :)


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