Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marathon # 14

Okay, okay, okay. I'll give you a small peek at part of The Other Room. But trust me, I have no plans to pan out or anything, because I do not think you could handle it, k?

When last I shared anything about this room, it was during a pathetic attempt to get organized in there. I'd collected all my loose stamps and put them into two boxes on the corner of my table.

This one is all stamps. Sad, but true. Some were piled up on the table; some were new and untouched, residing in various shopping bags, mostly from Angela's; but if I ever wanted to use them, I knew where they were, ya know? Sometimes when I organize it looks nice, but I loose things in the process. So they ended up in this box.

This is the second of the two boxes. It holds the rest of the stamps plus all the 6x6 paper packs and miscellaneous items from my various shopping episodes. This afternoon, I tackled these boxes.

(sorry this is out of focus)
All the 6x6 packs of paper ended up on this shelf in my pretty-much-organized closet. You may recall this closet from The Great Scrap G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y and the beginning of the Organization Process that followed it.

See those boxes of scraps on the shelf below the 6x6 paper packs? That is all that is left of my scraps. Anyone like blue or yellow? They are yours; all you need to do is say the word!

Truth be told, that was a lie. Not the "if you like yellow or blue, you can have these" part - that was the truth. My lie was that this is all the scraps I have left. Oh, nonononono. Let us not forget the Scrap Heap in the Living Room, plus, um, there is the whole right side of the table upon which sit these boxes, but we won't talk about those scraps right now. Let us simply focus on the yellow and blue scraps in that little box on my shelf.

Moving on to the box of stamps, I took some of my cache of empty SU stamp storage boxes and started to fill them up with the loose stamps, then I stacked the boxes in the one empty Elfa drawer I have in my stamp storage area. Oh, look, there's room for more! ;-)

Once I closed the drawer, it looked even nicer.

All I had left to show for my effort was a small corner of the table that could finally see the light of day. Well, it is still raining out, so it saw the gloom of day and the light from the ceiling fan.

I still have things in that remaining box for which I need to find a storage spot, but I'll get there. And that box on the back of the table? That holds the chipboard coasters I bought last year, plus some bulk-buy Tombo refills. And that cabinet behind the table, kinda peeking out there on the left? It holds all my cross-stitch fabric and books from back in the days when I could still see the little pictures in the tiny squares. I told you I have stuff!

Okay, that's it! That is all you get to see, so just move along now. I'll reveal some other few inches of cleared-off something-or-other when it happens.


  1. See, that is your good deed for the day! Know why? Because you have made me feel soooooo much better about the amount of stuff that I have...when looking at this little sneak peak of your stuff I have realised that I REALLY don't have much at all :) Now, if you'd invite OCD Kristie for a visit I could have that other room sorted and organised for you in no time at all....of course you'd probably never be able to find anything, but it would be ORGANISED!!!! PMSL :)

  2. Progress is progress. Keep goin', girl! One step at a time...

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! i am with kristie, you are TRULY a *humanitarian* of the highest order. i would not be at all surprised if you hear from those NOBEL folks in january!

    (i have AT LEAST this much's just that *I*...have a walk-up attic!) (which no one will EVEREVEREVER see, either in person or online.) (b/c i am NOT a humanitarian. and also i would have to give you all virtual tetanus shots first...and then kill you after...and i just don't think it's worth all that work, ya know?!) :) :) :)


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