Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Crooked Stamper Takes A Day Off

I took today off because this crazy life I lead leaves me with no time on my weekends to do anything that needs to be done, so sometimes I need a day off to recover from my weekend and catch up with things. Today was that day!

On my list of things to do, I needed to return my EZ Up tent to Sam's Club because it is broken (the tent, not Sam's Club.) I am not a member, but I went with a friend of mine back in April who is a member, so the purchase was legal. About the third time I used the tent, one of the supports broke - snapped right in two. The next time I used it a different support broke, and I had to use cable ties to hold the thing together. It needed to be returned; I just never got around to doing it until today. It was not easy to accomplish, but since this is not my ranting blog, I will spare you the details of the return process. I did get my refund though, so I'll leave it at that.

I also stopped in at the coffe shop that sells my cards so I could get some coffee, and by this time, a sandwich for lunch. No more cards have sold, though. ;-(

Then I high-tailed it home to swap cars, as I had a few things to take with me to Angela's where I was meeting up with June. I actually had more room in the Miata than I did in the Forester, which is partly why the car swap was necessary. Then I cruised across the river to VA and ... did I ever tell you that I should not be left unattended in a stamp store? So this whole thing of Angela's being pretty darned convenient to both me and June as a meeting place might turn out to be an expensive decision on both our parts. ANYway, we shopped, we did a little playing with some new products at a hands-on thing they do on Tuesday's, we were enabled to purchase some of said new product, we shopped some more, then we did the hand-off of what we'd brought (broughten? brung?) for each other and headed back to our respective domiciles.

Also on my list of things to do today was to get a new camera, so I stopped at my favorite camera store on my way back home. It was a really nice shopping experience, probably because I said something like, "I am here to buy a camera." But I have always been impressed with their outstanding customer service, and that they give you options without pressuring you into anything you really do not want. This is why I knew long ago that when the time came, that's where I'd buy my next camera. So a note to all you business establishments who have pissed me off with poor customer service so I am boycotting you: see what you missed out on? I just dropped a bundle somewhere else! Hey, remember that scene in Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts' character got snubbed by one particularly snooty store, and later, when she'd spent like a gazillion dollars somewhere else, she stopped in to that first store to say something to the effect of: "Hi, remember me? You did not want to wait on me? BIG mistake!" Yep, that was me today. Without the great bod and pretty dress, but you get my point.

So now I have a new camera, and it is sweet. I am still learning how to use it, but it has been pretty easy so far. I used it to take a few shots below, and although I do not see a marked difference in the quality or clarity of the photos, I hope that 4 million additional pixels is doing something for me!

So yeah, I stamped when I got home. One of my goals for this month is to use stuff off the scrap table, and only break out virgin card stock for card bases or layering, as necessary. Did you ever tell yourself you'd do something, then figure no one would be the wiser if you did not do it? Well, now that I have told you of my plans, I have to do it. I'll report back on how that effort goes. ;-)

So here's a card I made last week, which was a CASE of a CASE of a CASE. Each one was just a little different than the one we each CASEd, and I love the evolution of the process. Here's the original photo I posted back then:

and here's the new photo I just took with my new camera:

(I do not see an incredible difference, do you?) So last night, as two of my customers worked on this project, they flipped over the brown dotted piece and decided they liked the other side of the DS paper better, and they wanted to change up their cards (different from what I'd done.) I ALWAYS encourage this at my sessions, so I got out some of the really yummy Riding Hood Red ribbon and they made this:

Very, very cool, non? So since I'd mis-calculated again and cut 6 extra of this patterened paper shape while prepping for the classes, I whipped out three of each of the versions. See, I am already pulling stuff off that scrap table! It's working!

Okay, I've got to go bag up those cards for my market this weekend. We have two more weekends for the market, and since some of the crafters are planning to wimp out because it is too cold, I will take up some of their space and set up a table with my Holiday stuff on it. ;-) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Oh, and last night BR #2 stopped by to drop of a copy of the Food Network Magazine Premier Issue. Sweeeeeeet! I started reading it last night, and it is a page-turner. So far, I love everything about it. I may even have to subscribe. ;-) I will have to read it a few times, I am sure, because it is so wonderful. Truly a keeper. Thanks BR #2!!

And thanks to you all for stopping by!


  1. The pleasure was all mine. I am so glad you like the magazine. Page 107 will be on my thanksgiving table this year. As well as a few others.


  2. leslie hanna! i love saying that LOL this is totally a CASEable card, i was planning on CASEing it before i knew you CASEd it...gah, i can't stop...but i do have that tiny tree set and therefore will be copycatting you...thanks for the inspiration

  3. "BR #2" What does that mean? Yes, I'm a VIRGIN in terms of acronyms.

    Love your cards. And you go, girl in taking a day off for yourself!

    What camera did you buy? I'm thinking of a new one myself!

  4. I LOVE that card with the red DP! It's got a totally different look. Very cheerful!

    And yes, please tell what camera you bought. I am the last person in America who does not own a digital camera. I'm still using an SLR Nikon film camera I bought in 1993. But I'm thinking it's time to join the 21st century, especially with all the sales coming up...

    Also, I just have to tell you that I sold my very first cards at a craft fair this past weekend! My stamping/card-making partner in crime took a dozen of mine to the craft fair at her mom's church in Upstate New York, and even in a very slow day, three of mine sold. I am so happy I could scream! Yes, it's only $9 but I can buy a treat or two if I'm careful...

  5. I had so much fun with you @ Angela's today :)

    Your cards all turned out lovely. I see I am going to have to buy that die...


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