Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Question (aka: Plea For Help)

Now that I have embraced the Macro setting on my new camera, I find that when I click on a photo posted on my blog, the resulting pics are stupid BIG. So big that you have to scroll to see the whole thing! Ack! You can see the grain in the card stock! Double-Ack! Or is this just the nature of the beast with so many pixels? (I may not be able to handle these pixels!!! LOL!!!)

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  1. the short answer is, "yes"...but it is easily fixed: in your photo editing program, after saving the super big size, go ahead and reduce either the canvas size or the resolution by about 50% (some experimentation may be necessary here) and then save the second (smaller) copy for online/email use. (all the photos on my blog have a "-e" added to them, so i know those are the reduced copies!)


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