Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marathon Post #11

One of the side projects I had going on here this weekend was making these clothespins. Well, okay, I did not make the clothespins, but I did decorate (alter) them. You are looking at something old and something new...the 'something new' is (are?) the clothespins, and the 'something old' is (are?) the paper and rub-ons. The paper is from last year's Prints Pack, and the rub-ons are part of my still-huge stash from SAB earlier this year. I may never use these up!

All I did to stick on the paper was slather some Tombo Multi on the side of the clothespin and set it on the diagonal of the 6x6 paper. I gave it a second or two to set, then I cut around it with my craft blade. Done!

You can see I did not do the sides, as that looked like work. Lucky for me these came pre-painted, so I just stuck on a few more rub-ons, and in some cases, wrapped them around from the front.

As most of you know by now, I do not 'alter' anything, and I pretty much do not own anything that does not earn its keep as a functional item. This place is just too small to have nic-nacs all around. So what am I doing with four of these?

THIS is what I am doing with four of these! These puppies will earn their keep as workshop project-holders. Yeppers! They'll hold the projects up and away from the table (several have tumbled into ink in the past), and elevate the project so people at the other end of the table who work so fast they get ahead of the rest of the gang can easily see what they should pull out of their bag next. See: functional.

And no, I did not make this up all by myself, but I did see it on someone else's blog and decided to try it.

I stayed up way too late last night...I was a woman driven. Driven to create, and I think I was actually speeding, or it sure felt like it. For some reason I decided to make boxes of my Peas On Earth cards for sale next weekend, so I made 18 of them - 3 boxes of 6. It took hours, but I did it. The good thing is, if they do not sell, then I have my holiday cards all made. ;-)

So far today I've put away some stamps (!), including some SU sets from my table and some of the loose stamps in The Other Room. I am trying, really, I am! I actually have an empty drawer I can use for the rest of the loose stamps, once I figure out how to organize them. Baby steps, here, baby steps!

I need to get back to real life today and do some laundry, clear out and re-fill the dishwasher ... you know, things. It is raining, though, and feels like a good day to continue my long-weekend cocooning.

Oh, and that alleged profit I saw the other day? Nope. I added in all my SU earnings, and the plus side got even bigger, but I successfully wiped that out (and then some) when I put in my Demo orders, so now I am pretty much even with money in and money out, and I feel much better. I was having palpitations about having to pay taxes on that money as the next dollar of my Day Job income, plus I think I'd need to pay Social Security, so it is just as well that I break even. BUT, I see where the money went out and how it came in, so if I ever need to make a profit, I think I could do it if I worked at it. Maybe. For now, it is still just for fun. I was going to say 'I spent all my earnings', but I think a more positive approach would be 'my hobby pays for itself'. Yep, I like that a lot better!

I have several more projects planned for today and into this week. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll report back later today on any stampin' progress.


  1. You've already made those clothespins...awesome. My fave is the green.

    I meant to comment on the red card (in an earlier post). I remember, or think I remember, you did that for your b-day cards 40, 50, 60, etc. I wondered how you did that, and now I know! I'm gonna have to use that on a card. Especially since it feels like forever since I walked in my craft room :)

  2. Those clothes pins are super cute! I'm glad that your hobby pays for if only I had the time to make mine do :)

  3. FAB pins and what a PERFECT use!

    (btw: "my hobby pays for itself" *might* well be the best 5 words in the english language...ok wait...the BEST 5 words are, "daniel craig is here, lauren"! ♥♥♥♥♥ but the other is a verrrrrrrrrry close 2nd!)


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