Friday, November 28, 2008

Marathon Post #6

What's wrong with this picture?

Yesterday afternoon, about 3:30 pm, I decided that since I'd had to take the wine out of the fridge to make room for the cranberry dish I'd just made, I might as well drink some of it (the wine, not the cranberries.) So I poured myself a glass of vino and went to set it on my workspace to continue with the OSW cards, but I found I was setting it next to my coffee mug. Um, okay, er ... photo op!!!! So this was my official transition from morning to afternoon yesterday. And I did take one last sip of coffee before I put it back in the kitchen. Yeesh.

So far today all I've managed to accomplish is entering a bunch of receipts, workshops and farmers market income into my spreadsheet. B-o-r-i-n-g. I am about 2/3 done, and so far, it looks to be my best year yet! I have about 3 more months to enter, and they were early in the year (I am working top-down in the pile), but it looks promising. I do not think I can HANDLE a profit, though. I've never seen one before. I'll let you know if I end up in the Black or not. ;-)

Oh, and as much has I detest network TV, I did have it on this morning long enough to know that ABC will be broadcasting Polar Express tonight. If you have not seen it, it is worth the watch. And then there's Josh Groban... sigh.


  1. Wahoo! A profit? Good for you! And 2/3 done? I am proud of how much you have accomplished.

    As for The Polar Express, it is my all time favorite Christmas book. I love the art work almost as much as the story.

  2. WOW, can't wait to see if you've made a profit....that would be exciting :) It might have been boring put all that stuff in, but you'll be glad that it's done and over with....then you'll have more time to create!


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