Friday, November 14, 2008

House ... Sister ... (Redux)

I am still working on scraps (wow - 4 whole days, now!), and finishing up the cards I started earlier this week. Here is one I made with the house and sentiment I used the other day (I'd stamped enough for three cards), but I used a different scrap for the layers this time. In fact, I used both sides of the double-sided paper. Check it out:

I grabbed this piece of DS paper off the scrap heap and after I'd done the top layer, I copped out and just flipped over another piece of the paper to get the light pink layer. I did cut a virgin piece of pink for the bases, but I used both halves for the two cards, so no leftovers! Man, I am on a roll now, baby! Oh, yeah!

Too bad there are only two more markets this season - tomorrow and the following Saturday. But hey, it's a lofty goal for this Winter, along with everything else I have planned, to work my way through that heap and get to where I can put that table away. We'll see.

I did finally get my acceptance for the Holiday Show (Bauer Drive, for you local folks) for the first Saturday of December, but after that, everything I make will be inventory for the online store and stocking up for next year. Just think, if I start now (or just do not stop because it is December), I might not have to scramble in April when I realize I have one week before the first market. I get so lazy over the Winter.

Did you notice the photo? Not bad, huh? I think it is almost in focus, too! See, I am trainable, given enough clues. I thank you all for your assistance in this little matter.

ETA: I sized this one down to 25%, and it is still pretty large if you click on it, but way better than the previous ones. Thanks, again, for all the help.

Tomorrow morning, before I leave for the market, I plan to take a photo of the corn I threw out back for the squirrels. Wow - those little rodents can put away corn! Stop back for the corn report tomorrow! ;-)


  1. Wow that picture is alot better...BTW..I received your package yesterday...Thanks so very much...

  2. Awesome! Both the card and the picture! If you keep using up stuff like this you might get into the other room :)

  3. oh wow! gorgeous pic!!! & of course you could make 75 cards with that sentiment, and i will laugh 75 times; yeah, it's that funny!!! :)

    (the embarrassing thing about my math is: when i wrote that, i knew it was wrong *ALMOST* immediately...but yes...i had to think about it!!!! & then i decided it was a lot more amusing to leave it than correct it!) :)


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