Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Love My Customers!!!

Today at my workshops we made this box-in-a-bag using Baja Breeze DS paper and Baja Breeze card stock. Each person got one of a variety of different sheets of the two-sided paper, and each person made their own decision about which was the outside of the box, and how to decorate it. I like to leave that up to them when I can, so there is an element of creativity on their part. A few of my customers do not like to think too hard on weekends (I am so in agreement sometimes!), but most people embrace the freedom to step out of the suggested design of a project and go off on their own.

My customers amaze me with some of the ideas they come up with to change things around. You can almost see the wheels spinning. One of my workshop rules is: "if you do it differently, you must show everyone else what you did." I have yet to have anyone be too embarrassed to do that, plus some people decide to do it her way instead of my suggested way. I am okay with that! In fact, sometimes I slap myself in the forehead wondering why I was not that smart. See, we all learn from each other.

So this afternoon, while building the box-in-a-bag, one of my customers pondered aloud, "Wow, I'll bet this would look cool made out of vellum with a candle inside." Everyone immediately stopped dead in their tracks, stamps suspended mid-air, agape at the marvelous thought of home-made luminaries. I gave her full credit for the idea, and she would like to retire off the residuals. Yeah, right.

So after they all left, I made one. Yep, in about 5 minutes. Check it out:

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. The bag is made out of SU card stock vellum (much heavier than paper vellum). The base and scallop border are made from SU Shimmer White card stock. Before I stuck the vellum to the base, I used a snowflake stamp inked with glue from a glue pad, then I dumped SU Dazzling Diamonds glitter on it. I left the top unadorned to allow more air for the flame, and to reduce the chance I'd burn my condo to the ground.

I have not lurked lately on any blogs or SCS, so I have not seen this done before, but I will say this was my cutomer's idea today, and not my own. I think it is pure genius!

Okay, gotto go clean up so I can go to the Day Job tomorrow and be ready for my Monday evening session. Thanks for stopping by!


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