Friday, November 28, 2008

Marathon Post #7

I decided it was time to actually work on projects for my December workshops. One of the things I've wanted to share with my customers is the medalion that can be made with the SU Scallop Edge punch. Like this:

ETA: Cut a 2 3/4" square, then center the Scallop Edge punch on one side and punch. Turn 90 degrees and continue to do the other three sides.

It looks very cool with other border punches, too, but they are not SU punches so I cannot show them at a workshop. I do have a few Good Demo moments now and then.

This was a 5-minute card to make, since there is no stamping at all. I used the Very Merry sentiment last month, so I decided to do this one sentiment-free, and it can be for any occasion - a Winter birthday, whatever. Everything red on here is Riding Hood Red - DS paper, card base, punched medalion, scallop circle, and ribbon. The Snowflake is also SU, and I have a ton of them, so I opted to use it as the focal point in the middle. Too easy!

To celebrate this mind-bending accomplishment, I decided to take out one of my SU bulk-buy scallop square chipboard pieces and see if I could make up a project using it. Let me just say this about that:

News flash: The Crooked Stamper sustains minor injury while attempting to apply UTE to chipboard. Film at 11:00.

I took apart the chipboard into its parts, which you will see here momentarily. Let's take a peek at the carnage:

First we have the center square. You can see some of the UTE actually stuck to the chipboard.

Next I tried to emboss the inner and outer frames. It was somewhere during this process that I accidentally touched the hot, soft, melty EP and I have what I think may be a first-degree burn on one of my fingers, and I think I may have scorched the fingerprint. Too bad we do not have fingerprint scans as our entry to the Day Job, or I could plead ... well, never mind.

So I thought these were really, really cool, but I am not sure how to use them. Yet. But I did want to show you that carnage I promised. In addition to the gold specs all over the place in the above photos, check out these:

To the right of my work space:

To the front of my workspace (between the mat and my lap):

And finally, to my left:

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to go clean up a bit before I figure out how to use those gold frames. And yeah, I know, UTE is not SU, but I may come up with a variation on the theme. Y'all come on back now, ya hear!? ;-)


  1. Sorry about the burn! I am chuckling thru the entire post, but not laughing at your injury...just at the fact I have done this too...more than once!

  2. i actually did the same thing ON BLACK FRIDAY...and would've had the same EMBOSSED FLECKS EVERYWHERE had not LHJ seen me about to turn on the heat gun and thrown a post office cardboard envelope thingie at my head...(helpfully) (i think!) use as an under mat.

    those gold frames TOTALLT rock does the medallian thingie...♥


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