Friday, November 7, 2008

Pre-Craft Show Update

Oh, my aching bones! I should be in bed, but noooooo, I am still making signage and charging my cell phone and making sure I have everything I need for tomorrow.

After a long, brain-draining day at the Day Job, I headed over to the Community Center to unload the car and decide how to configure my space. This is the most difficult part of the set-up, since I have never, never, ever, set up twice the same way, even in the same spot at the same show two years in a row. I am constantly changing my display...I sold some of my walls, so I am down to three walls now; I now have a three-panel peg-board, and I brought some peg-board hanger thingies with me to see if I could make it work; I have a spinner rack; I have tables of varying sizes; I have all SORTS of possibilities.

By the time I'd unloaded everything, re-arranged my spot a gazillion times (okay, maybe only 3 or 4), and got mostly set up, I left around 7:30 pm with a mental list of everything I either forgot or needed to make (like new signage.) I think what I ended up with looks pretty good. I'll take some photos tomorrow so I can show you. I always take photos of my set-ups, because I have this unrealistic dream that some day I can look at the photo and know how to set up next time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! Ahem. Yeah, like that will happen.

So I have yet to start cutting up the kits for Sunday, and now I have like 15 people coming over (not all at once - three separate sessions Sun & Mon), and I also did not finish barely started the Clean Sweep. As I type this I am debating whether to start cutting or just go to bed. I fear I'll be too tired tomorrow to do everything, but hey, like a friend of mine once told me, "You get all the sleep you need when you die." Sleep is sooooo over-rated, you know.

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