Saturday, November 29, 2008

Marathon Post #8

I got mail! I got this sweet card from June this week. It is soooo nice to get something personal like a card. Now if only I'd actually send any of the cards that *I* make ....

So far today I have been in a perpetual state of distraction. It all started when I went into The Other Room to print off some SU stuff. I've been diligently working on my 2008 numbers for the biz, and I am still in the black, people! I cannot stand this! It is just not right! Then I realized I have not entered all of my "sold" stamp sets - more income. Then I figured out I have not entered all of my Demo orders - expenses. And ... I forgot I have also not entered my SU Volume Rebates (that additional income Demos get based on total monthly sales levels) - more income. So that's why I was in The Other Room: to print off all that stuff so I could spend some more time playing with the spreadsheet (ohboy). BUT, SU's Demo site is down for maintenance this morning, so I cannot get into it yet. Then the distractions set in.

You see, there is no end to distraction when I am in The Other Room. I mean, c'mon, with every square inch of every surface covered with something, I am never at a loss for something to clean or organize. Usually I can resist that urge and turn around and walk out, but something happened in my pre-caffeinated brain this morning, and I sat down to tackle The Recycle Pile.

One of my co-workers has a sign on her cube wall: Neat people never make the exciting kinds of discoveries that I do. I think I may have to change my page banner to add this as a footnote, because it is so true. If I were a neatnick, I could not be this creative. Half of what I make is the result of stuff landing on top of other stuff in the scrap pile!

So what did I discover today? Some tax stuff from 2006; my white address labels for my printer; my 2006 Convention workbook; and last, but most importantly, the carpet under the recycle pile! I cannot handle all this floor space! As I was sitting on the floor, I looked to my right and discovered my "missing" 1" square punch and some yummy blue EP I picked up at Mike's a while back. I put the punch away and put the blue EP on my work table so I can maybe make some more Bat Mitzvah cards this weekend.

Not bad for an hour's work, huh? So now that I am showerd and caffeinated and such, I did some blog administrivia...I added Google Analytics to my blogs. You know, with all that traffic I have, it's fun to know how poeple find you, so I thought I'd give it a try. I have high hopes of adding more stuff to my store after next weekend's show, so hopefully I will actually get some traffic over there! We'll see.

I am working on projects for my December workshops, and I also think I'll make some stuff for this weekend's Holiday Show. I'll stop back later with some of my creations, if I actually finish any of them.


  1. You are so spoiled getting a card from the fabulous Miss June!!!
    I was thinking that you should post photos of *The Other Room*...I for one am rather curious....I mean, how bad can it really be? ;)

  2. I like that quote. Yes, discoveries...that is a much better view on my craft room as well.

    And I agree with Kristie...I'd love to see The Other Room.


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