Saturday, November 1, 2008

Market Update

Happy November, everyone! Oh, man, today was a glorious day to be outdoors! I got to look at stuff like this all day today:

And it was a good thing it was so pretty, because sales were slower than slow. I sold two (2) cards, and only in the last hour. So, what did I do after I'd had my coffee and talked with everyone? I took pictures! And you, my faithful readers, will get to share a little of my day.

This is JJ. JJ is one of our regulars (when his Mom feels like dealing with him). He is a little bundle of raw energy, and really sweet. Today he found a stray apple and decided to devour it, and I captured some of the action. He ate every last crumb, and went back to clean up after himself. His Mom just rolled her eyes and said something to the effect of "That's my boy!" It was quite entertaining! I warned you it was a slow day...

Here are some peppers at Farmer Mike's stand. I called them Hot Peppers, but he said they were not all hot. I need to keep reminding myself that Farmer Mike's definition of "hot" and my definition of "hot" are not the same. He did steer me away from the hottest ones, which I am sure would probably peel paint. I got a variety of these plus a bunch of sweet peppers, most Bell. I think I'll make some pepper jelly. Maybe. These also freeze well, so I am good to go.

There were several very pretty multi-colored peppers like this one in the batch, and those are some of the ones I bought. As always, Farmer Mike shook his head at me.

Here's Molly, another one of our regular four-leggers. She comes with her Dad, who is really the regular one. ;-) Here her Dad was having her beg so I could get a good shot of her.

And check out that collar! She's been sporting it all month!

The bread people set up across from me, since the farmer who usually sets up in that space is done for the season. It is bad enough when they are within smelling distance from me, but I had to actually look at this all day! And I do not even want to talk about their cookies and donuts and croissants!

When I was taking Molly's picture, I caught these flip-flops at the same time. I understand the flip-flops, and I understand pile lining, but cushy, pile-lined flip-flops? What's wrong with this picture? Are just the bottoms of her feet warm?

Here's part of Farmer Mike's area, with this year's collection of long-neck geese. These are dried gourds from last year, and they sand them, paint them, seal them, fill their bottoms with sand, then sell them to the rest of us. You'd have to click on that photo to get a feel for how fun they are all in a row!

See? Here's the one I got a few years ago. She got some jewelry this year, plus she is sporting a new ribbon (I found it in my bag.)
Then there's the Rock Lady. She also makes things out of nuts, and these painted peanuts are her political statement du jour. Very clever, I thought!

Then I spotted a Fashion Alert across the street. (Did I mention it was a slow day?) I took this photo from between the parts of my spinner rack so I would not be seen. Is that illegal or something?

So what's the deal with shorts and boots? Could someone please explain that to me?

And last, but certainly not least, are The Squash. One thing in abundance today was squash, in all shapes and sizes. There in the front is one of the long-neck ones. And we have some butternut and some acorn and some spaghetti. But wait - what are those other ones?

These. These are Hubbard squash (squashes?) I asked Farmer Mike to place them flavor-wise with something I might already know about, and he said they are like pumpkin. In fact (this is the farmers market factoid of the week), he said that Hubbard squash is often the primary ingredient in canned pumpkin. WHA?!?!? Can they do that? Now I must find out! Since you will undoubtedly be in a grocery store long before I will be, let me know what the labels on the cans of pumpkins say. Inquiring minds want to know!

That's all the photos, so it is safe to look now. I think it was at this point I actually sold a card or something.

After I left the market, I went to my storage unit (my third bedroom that is just not attached to my condo in any way) to retrieve the walls for my booth for next week's Holiday Bazaar. I only have three walls left (sold all the rest of them), plus I have that handsome peg-board display, so between now and Friday night I need to figure out how I'll configure my 6x8 booth space for Saturday's event. I also need to see if I can find my bag of peg-board hooks I have buried somewhere. Ugh.

Also by Saturday I need to have my act together because my workshops are next Sunday. Should be an interesting week. ;-)

About those Peas On Earth cards I made yesterday? I decided to offer them up as Special Orders, and I'll make them as people order them. That way I am not stuck with cards that no one wants to buy, like the box I have in The Other Room from years past, filled with lonely Christmas cards and un-sold ornaments. So sad. I also posted the Peas On Earth cards at my store to see if I get any nibbles there.

As always, thanks for reading this far. I hope to have something stamped that will be blog-worthy some time tomorrow.


  1. Great photo's ! All of them. I especially like the one of all the different peppers...beautiful!

    While out last night I saw people wearing Crocs that were fur lined! I thought , what the ??

    Happy Sunday!

  2. So much to ponder...furry flip flops, shorts & boots, Hubbard squash in canned boggles my mind :)


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