Sunday, July 12, 2009

Color Inspiration (mostly)

First, I'd like to apologize for that earlier twitty post. I have no idea what came over me, but I am on Twitter. Sheesh! I do not need one more thing to check! Sigh ...

Second, believe it or not, I took more photos yesterday at the market than I posted. When I saw these fabrics in MaryBeth's booth, I felt I needed to commit them to digits so I could not only share them with you, my beloved three (maybe four) readers, but to use them as inspiration for myself.

I loved the bright blue, white (can white be 'bright'?) and orange on this green background. I see Green Galore (or maybe Certainly Celery, or both), Pumpkin Pie (sorry, Kristie), Tempting Turquoise, and maybe a little Creamy Caramel. Yeah, this one could work!

Here we have Green Galore, So Saffron and either Lovely Lilac or Lavender Lace, plus White. There's something about the combination of yellow and purple, in the right shades, of course, that catches my eye. A few years ago, a little girl came through the market wearing a bright yellow sun dress that had vivid purple flowers as the printed pattern in the fabric. It was stunning! At that time I thought I'd try one of the purples in Craft Ink on yellow card stock to see how it came out. Uh-huh, right. Never happened. But THIS time, maybe it will happen.

Here is a closer shot of that last pattern. So many possibilities....

And then, this morning, as I was (of all things) putting clothing into a drawer, which almost never happens in this place, I had to stop, look, then run to get my camera. (People laugh when I tell them I have no life, and I think I might have just proven my point.) ANYway, check out those shirt colors: Pacific Point (sniff, sniff), Brilliant Blue, Certainly Celery and Black. M-m-m-m. Look for it on a card coming soon to a blog near you.

Holy CARP! I have 6 followers already on Twitter! Do you people really care what I have to say that I do not already blather about on this blog!?!?!? Really? Just remember, I have a cell phone that is rarely ON, and it is usually dead for lack of use and has no charge and I did not even know. Last time I found out was when BR#2 called me to tell me she'd left me a voice message on my cell phone last week and I never called her back. Oops! I missed out on DINNER, is what I missed that time. Also, please keep in mind that if I do remember to have a charged cell phone, and it is actually with me, it does not tweet, and it has no camera, so unless I am online and not at work, I will not be talkin'. There is no danger of me losing any beloved followers because I tweet too much. I'm just sayin'....

So back to bizness ... I had two Stamp Camps today, and I have another one tomorrow evening after the Day Job, so I am lounging at the moment and contemplating the UHCs available to me, and nothing jumps off the page enough for me to take out stamps and make a mess that I'll need to clean up before I can go to bed, so the UHC will happen on Tuesday this week. I promise. I think.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Those fabrics are inspiring to me; especially the green, yellow, purple!


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