Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dog Day Market Day

It was a bit warm today at the market. A bit, like STINKIN' HOT! I crafted a 'sun block' for my tent out of a length of muslin I picked up at the fabric store, and it did keep the direct sun off of my cards, and there was a breeze, but out in the sun it was HOT. Okay, not AUSTIN hot, but hot all the same. And me without my frozen towels... next week I'll be more prepared.

First up today is the mock-up skirt Mary Beth made for my tent weights. [Uh-oh. MB, was I supposed to give this back to you? Sorry!] I'd asked her to craft some skirts to hide my handsome cat litter bottles (though they do generate lots of conversation!) Isn't it nice? It slips over the bottle and my rope feeds up through the hole. Very clever! She made it like the little skirts she makes for kids, but (obviously) the 'waist' is a lot smaller.

Check out the detail. That arrow points to a seam! This is not just a gathered piece of fabric! Color me impressed! I have no idea what color (or colors) the final version will be, but I think they are great!

Speaking of colors, here are today's color inspirations. First is this darling little girl with the cutest top! It is pink and dark brown. VERY cute.

And our resident Sketch Artist wore this. What decade does this bring to mind? 60s? I'll bet he was nice and cool, though!

Time for today's dog parade. First we have what I believe is a Whippet. They look (to me) like miniature Greyhounds, but I know they are not.

This is a Samoyed. HUGE dog, and very pretty/handsome.

I thought this was a small Samoyed, but nope. I think she said it was an American Husky, but then I looked it up online and it looks more like an American Eskimo Dog (which may be an American Husky, for all I know). Side by each, though, these dogs looked like cousins.

Here is a better look at the Eskimo Dog. She is checking out the Spaniel. They were both quite well-behaved.

Did I mention it was hot?

Here is what I call a mini-dog. I believe it is a Chihuahua, and she said it would not get any bigger. I'd step on it, fer sure. Oh, and that white dog is Molly, who is a regular. A second before I took this photo, they were doing the butt-sniffing thang, so I thought I'd not get that on film digits.

Even the Rock lady had dogs today! Actually, since I have banished myself to a tent outside the pavilion, I was unaware this is not a new creation of hers. I am such a bad fellow crafter.

Just to show you I did stamp something today, this is a shot of my work space as I finished assembling five cards. These are more copies of this card I mocked up last week. Card-making is such a messy, clutter-y endeavor....

I hope to do some REAL stamping on Sunday and have something new to show you. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hope I can make a card tomorrow to blog! I colored the Magnolia cupcake image that Sweet Kristie sent me. I want to use my new Candy Lane papers and matching yummy SU ribbon...I just need a sketch; I'm hoping there is a sketch challenge that will inspire me tomorrow in blogland ;)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

  2. Lots of cool (or is that HOT?) puppies today...except for the chihuahua...not a big fan of yappy little dogs (sorry).
    I'm looking forward to seeing some new creations too...I need some inspiration desperately...I have NO mojo at all :(


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