Monday, July 27, 2009

Episode 47.2 of "What Was I Thinking?!"

Welcome to this edition of "What Was I Thinking?!?!?", brought to you by your host, The Crooked Stamper.

In this episode, we see a perfectly good plan fall to pieces, but in her usual manner, having had much experience with The Save, she pulls it out in the end. Let's take a look, shall we?

It all started innocently enough, as it usually does with card-making. An idea is thunk, then the exercise to transfer said idea to paper is attempted. Sometimes things go very, very badly.

The original idea here was to have the plain vanilla layer under the patterned piece for contrast. It is too big for the card base, so it was to be cut to fit, then stitched.

Alas, our fair stamper got ahead of herself and stitched the darned piece before she cut it. This is the sorry result. It slops over the edges of the card base, and since it is already stitched, it cannot be trimmed. What to do, what to do.

Ever resourceful, having been in similar predicaments a gazillion times in the past, our fair stamper realized a larger card base would take care of that little slopping-over problem, and it did! A new piece of Kraft card stock had to be sacrificed in the process, but sometimes ye gotta do what ye gotta do.

Our saga continues with the traditional, "Now what" funk that sets in once the pretty papers are put together and look nekkid and wanting. Ah, ha! This could be transformed into a birthday card. For a man. And, as luck would have it, our fair stamper's brother is having a birthday next week. How cornvenient!

Bling. It needed bling. Big bling. Big, manly bling. She reached into her cache of neglected hardware and selected two really big silver brads - with flowers. Hmph. Silver. Not gonna match. Ah, ha #2 - change their color! Our stamper went in search of her Vanilla Craft ink pad and some clear EP. A dip in the ink pool, a dip in the EP, a little heat, and voila - vanilla flower brads. Only two additional brads gave their lives for the two that survived the process. Card-making can be such a cruel endeavor.

Sentiment. A sentiment was needed. Snarky? Of course! What else should a big sister do for her baby brother? But in the vast collection of snarky, insulting and embarrassing sentiments, not one was the right size or shape for the available space, so she went in search of a {shudder} normal sentiment.

Some ink here, a re-stamp because of a fatal error in the inking process, a cut with the Nestie, and a sentiment of appropriate size was born. A little tape, a few dozen Dimensionals, and a CARD was born:

This, dear readers, is the result of our fair stamper's labors this evening. And what a handsome specimen it is! Nothing girly, nothing shiny, no ribbon. Quite manly, actually.

Here is a close-up of her work. There was trimming and cutting and poking and stitching and dipping and heating and ... and ... it is done.

Our fair stamper has put down her playthings for this evening, and has gone in search of Web-based wisdom, aka: trolling for good sentiments to steal for future cards. I think she's earned it.

Thus ends this episode of "What Was I Thinking?!". Considering the source, there should be a new episode very, very soon.

(PS: Do not forget to enter the Spot the Mistake contest! Don't miss the chance to win something from In There!)


  1. Love the way you wrote your post - but alas... I LOVE the way the card turned out. LOL

  2. Hooray! I love it when cards work out :)

  3. Brilliant! I loved it from the first pic. It does lack a snarky Leslie sentiment; but we know you meant well ;)


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