Monday, July 6, 2009

More Prezzies!

Back when I jumped at the chance to buy stamps (a no-brainer around here) to help homeless kitties, I told Lydia I did not want anything in return. Heck - I got me some STAMPS! What more could a girl ask for (for what more could a girl ask ... ???) ? In the end, though, Lydia wore me down, and today my prezzie arrived! Lookie!

[Please excuse the bad lighting. It is a theme I carry through all the pics in this post. Sorry.]

First, I must show you the handsome packaging. Lovely, of course. Note to self: Look for smaller card boxes at I have card boxes, but they are fatter than these ....

Here is card #1. This is the one stamp of the three offered that I did not get. Isn't she cute? But me being me, and with the frequency I find myself using snarky sentiments, I just could not see that she'd get much ink, ya know?

Card #2. I have this one and the first time I used it I stamped him/her on patterned papers and made my version of a Warhol-esque 4-square card. This kitty has a lot of possibilities. And attitude.

Card #3 - MADDIE! This is the stamp Lydia designed, and she is named for Lydia's cat, Maddie. The first time I used it I colored it to look like Lydia's other cat, Splotchy. This card is actually from a card pack you can order here. It is glossy and sassy!

Card #4 - Four sassy Maddies. Cute, cute, cute, and cute!

The Maddie stamp is definitely my favorite! :-) This past Saturday, I think I sold the card that had her with the sentiment: Bite Me. I thought it was perfection, and apparently so did my customer! :-)

I think I will go store my prezzie in a safe place. LOL! I could put it in The Other Room! I'd NEVER find it again! Ahem. I meant to say that I have no immediate plans to use these, but I do want to thank Lydia for them.

So if you'd like some cute kitty stamps where the sale proceeds go to help homeless dogs and kitties, then I ask you to GO SHOP!

PS: All the above links (and more) are in Lydia's side bar.



  1. Aren't they just fabulous? Lydia is amazing, of course, and you are soooo lucky to have some understand blue originals :)

  2. Leslie, DO NOT BUY skinny card boxes! I have 800 or more from clearbags. PLEASE take some of mine. Somehow I don't think I will need to use them all :) A definite S.A.B.L.E. item for me...


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