Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Try This Again

Given the fun I had last night making a card I had in my head actually come out on paper, tonight I decided to try cutting the vanilla piece down first before sewing along the edges.

What? You do not see a vanilla piece on this card? That is because I totally messed up and it is now in the trash. I gave up. The DMC floss won that battle.

I moved on to Plan C, which turned into this card. I am working valiantly to use up those pieces of pre-cut papers; I taped them to a scrap and cut them out with the Top Note die, then turned the piece 90 degrees and cut it again to make a square. I did the same thing with a piece of Not Quite Navy, trimmed the paper piece and layered them together. Niiice.

Without the vanilla layer, this card looked nekkid, so I did something that turned out to be a very expensive venture: I tried to use one of the SU embossing plates in my Cuttlebug. I tried a few different sandwiches, then gave up and I ordered the Big Shot. Yes, I did. Then I listed my Day Bed on Craig's List so I'll have room for a cabinet to hold the BS when it arrives chez moi.

Since I failed with the embossing plate, I ended up using my relatively new made-for-the-Cuttlebug Argyle embossing folder to add some texture to the Kraft card front. I added some ribbon from the Every Color But The One I Need box of Neutrals ribbons, and I used one of my irreverent sentiments for the center. I have a really difficult time making a normal card. Really!

Without the sewing, though, this will be much easier to replicate. :-)

In other news, Twitter, though it may be free, has cost me a bundle this week. First, I caved and ordered a Blackberry phone. Why? Two words: Internet Access. I plan to wile away my market hours (when I am not selling anything) and keep up with my Google Reader reading. This should keep my running total of unread posts under the 500-level I hit this weekend.

I have also just caved and bought ... the Big Shot. Yes, I did. In order to get a cabinet in which to store the BS, I have listed my Day Bed on Craig's List to free up the wall space. I told you it was a tiny condo!

Okay, off to do some laundry and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Maybe.

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  1. I knew you'd eventually cave in! I'm fighting off buying the Doctor's Bag. I really don't need it but it is cute.

  2. YES!!! Good for you. You are gonna love the BS.

    Cute card too; I forgot you taught me the technique (one of your previous posts) to rotate in the top note die. Love it :)

  3. Sometimes you may as well be speaking Arabic for all I understand of it. It's confusing!

  4. Well, you can rest easy knowing you are not the only one with multiple die cutting machines. Now you can set the CB and BS up against one another for a die-cutting grudge match! Let them fight it out. :P

    Since you put up a large item for sale, it doesn't seem so bad!

  5. i knew you would go for it one day. :) but now think of all the things you can show your fabulous customers that they REALLY need (wink wink)

    i hope the listing goes well for you, if it doesn't go remember the ReStore

  6. i'm tempted by the epic six @ twopeas...$20 off! but i can use cuttlebug embossing plates in my sizzix originals (which i got free from a friend. and now i know why, it's got its limits.) am loving the flickr set from CHA!

  7. Good idea to cut the back piece larger. I have done the same thing.


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