Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's All About the Cat

This, my friends, is why my SU workshop order has not yet been triaged. She really hates the stampin' stuff, because it keeps me from paying attention to HER. And as every cat owner knows ... well, check out the card I just threw together:

This was CASEd from Lydia's card here. (While you are there, please admire and ooh and aah over her hobo kitties.) I was going to outright steal it, but I decided instead to just be inspired by it and change things up a bit. I used my SU C is for Cat set, and the new SU Nouveau Chic DS paper with Basic Gray, Vanilla and Sage Shadow (the whole reason I even know about SU!)

This card is SU-only, and even though this is just a rough draft, a version of this card may make it to my August list of projects. We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by! [Wha?! She's done?! No blathering?! Is she okay?!]


  1. Fabulous card! I would buy it.

  2. I like this alot :) I have been tempted by the D is for Dog set...but have not yet succumbed...LOL!!!!
    PS: are you ok? this is a very short post ;)

  3. Hi, Kitty! I miss my kitties doing this kinda stuff. Enjoy her! Kitty's nose looks great; is she all better?


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