Sunday, July 5, 2009

Razzleberry Matchy-Matchy

As most of you know by now, I am an equal opportunity hoarder. I love Stampin' Up! and I buy all their stuff, and I have Stamp Camps where I lure others into the Stampin' Up! goodness, but that does not mean I do not own an equal amount of (nay, MORE) non-SU stuff and I use it often. But not this morning. Nope! This morning I placed myself into "OMG-my-stamp-camps-are-next-weekend-and-I-only-have-two-things-planned-so-far" mode, and I began lurking. I am a Professional Lurker, and I have a vast store of other people's great projects. I mostly do this to get ideas for my SU-only projects that are needed for The Ladies.

So here is my latest CASE. I found the original here on SCS (actually a pic of four projects), and I set off to make it my own. I changed a few things, as is my M.O. I dropped the bow to give The Ladies a break; I used punches that left a small white border on the stamped images, and I used a different sentiment.

I actually plan to have The Ladies choose any sentiment they'd like from the Teeny Tiny Wishes set. A lot of them come with a plan to make certain types of cards (think: I need a birthday card this month), and they are not shy about asking for different sentiments to use on a project. I try to accommodate them where I can, and this set is perfect, as it will cover just about any occasion.

As for the matchy-matchy part, I used everything Razzleberry here: card stock, textured card stock, ink, ribbon, and DS paper. Too freakin' easy! This is one of the things I love about SU!

This design is a great one to use for people who stamp like I do. You know, where you stamp an image and only half of it got enough ink? Yeah, like THAT! For this design, you just use the 'good' part of the image and cut away the rest. Ask me how I know....

Okay, enough with the SU worshiping! I'd like to leave you with something really funny, so I will send you to JanTink's site to read her conversation with herself regarding Demo Math, and how we get so sucked in. It is so hysterical, and so true!

I have more stuff to show you, but I'll post it later on today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh dear, a new catalog (I actually just sighed aloud and loudly.) You are a total enabler, using that Razzleberry.

    I have used that demo math reasoning time and time again to save money on supplies (frequent buyer cards at stamp stores or my SU! reps frequent buyer program.) I can relate all too well to all the money I have "saved".

  2. I thought I didn't like that color, but it's gorgeous here. must. copy.

  3. I think that's my favourite of the new in-colours and I love this card...just GORGEOUS!!!! I'm sure your ladies will love it too :)


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