Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From the Ashes ...

That's correct, my dear readers: like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, a card was born last night:

This all started when Lydia posted yesterday about "what color is your polar bear" and I have been singing the Harry Chapin song Flowers Are Red ... ever since.

So who said a tree needs to be green? Hmmmm?????? I stamped this new tree from SU's Pendant Park set in Brilliant Blue (I am still mourning the demise of Pacific Point, but Brilliant Blue is a fine stand-in). Then I went back over the branches with the fine-point end of my Choc Chip marker. I was amazed at how well it showed up over the blue!

This tree was part of another card that was a total failure as a composite of its parts, but I saved the tree, distressed the edges (largely since my trimmer did most of the distressing for me - and matted it on more Brilliant Blue. Then I took the back of the destroyed card and made the white mat.

Ah, that band ... that beautiful band of diamonds. This band, plus the tree, made up the 50% rule that caused this set jump off the page and scream "BUY ME!" I colored the tiny center diamonds with my Close to Cocoa marker, then colored everything else with Brilliant Blue. LOVE IT! I was gonna put the band on the blue part, but decided it was better on the white, and the sentiment layers came together shortly thereafter. I really, really, really like this card!

As for the blue squirrels that were part of the original mess? They are still in the ashes, but not yet destroyed. Who knows, maybe one day they (or their brethren or sistren) will be featured on a card of their own!

Tonight I will be making more City cards, cuz I am sold out of one of the sets and must make more. I'll be coloring and probably absent from blogland, but I'll be back Thursday!

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  1. This card is STUNNING! I love your border stamp; thought it was a fancy ribbon. It reminds me of gorgeous tile in the blue. Love it!!!

  2. Yep....STUNNING!!!!! Why do we have to stick with *realistic* colours when a BLUE tree is soooooooo gorgeous???? And that diamond border...fantastic! The whole card is just perfect and I love it too ♥♥♥

  3. I LOVE THIS!!! ACTUALLY I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! But that tree is amazing!! I twittered the link to this post because we were all twittering about blue squirrels. You are awesome!

  4. trees can be ANY COLOR...just ask my nieces!!! (especially maddie...that kid could probably convince you the trees OUTSIDE are blue if she felt like it! oy!) princesses, on the other hand, are invariably ♥pink♥!!! :)

    but seriously, i love the blue tree, it reminds me of one of those fancy schmancy toile prints!!!

    (ps: i looooooooove the blue squirrels on the gotta save the will think of a way to use it!!!) ♥♥♥


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