Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Post About Nothing

I have no stamped projects of any substance to show you tonight, as I am deeply mired in my usual panic of trying to come up with card #4 for this weekend's Stamp Camps. I even got my expedited SU order yesterday, and I never expedite! What was I thinking?! But hey, I now have it all ... I just need to figure out what to DO with it!

As I rummaged through my cache of new stuff, I decided to get rid of two boxes by putting together my new Color Caddy and Stack N' Store. Yeah, I got both, cuz I need them.

Here is my second Stack N'Store (the one on the left) that will be mostly full once I finish rummaging and find all the brads and buttons and things I've purchased over the past few months. Yeah, it'll fill up pretty quick-like.

BTW, this was assembled in like 10 seconds, as it comes fully assembled except you have to screw on the handle. Stinkin' easy!

This is my second Color Caddy, and it now holds all my retired In Color inks (that's three years' worth) ...

... and my vast collection (not) of Craft Ink pads. I do have all four families of the Craft Spots, plus all the re-inkers, so I really do have them all (which we all know is so very important, right?!)

This thing does not come pre-assembled, but it only took like 65.7 seconds to put together. Once you get the left/right/left groove thing going, it's a piece of cake! Then you screw on the handle, and you're done. I love these things. One of my customers has three of them (I love her, too!), and she said she has not begun to put any of her SU ink pads into them yet. Can you say "ink collector"?

By putting all those In Color and Craft Ink pads and re-inkers in my new caddy, I emptied out part of a drawer, which I now get to figure out how to fill up with something else. Not a problem! :-) I HAVE SCHTUFF!

Getting back to the "what was I thinking" theme of this show, while I took a break from messing up card stock (otherwise known as stamping with no purpose), I read some of my subscriptions in Google Reader and ran across this one that had me laughing out loud! Check it out:
what the hell was i thinking. This sooo sounds like something I would do!

Oh, and tomorrow is recycle day, and I still have this:

Do you think I should let her keep it?

Ach, would you look at the time?!?!?! All that organizing and card stock destruction has me bumping right into bed time. Hopefully I will have something stamped for you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love my colour caddy and stack n'store. Just makes finding things so much easier! I had a second Colour caddy because when I bought the extension for the first one the handle got stuck and I couldn't unscrew it from the centre rod! So SU sent me a whole new one...of which I only used the handle!!! So I gave the other one to Mama and she loves it! I probably should have kept it for myself because the extended one is almost full...but hey, she's my mum and she thought I was very sweet....awwwwwww!
    Now I've finished rambling I might go do something productive!!!!

  2. Nice work! I think you should let kitty keep the paper- she leads a tough life and needs it.

  3. Oh dear, do I need these? It would clear out the bottom of my big tote (the one that used to hold ALL of my scrapbook stuff...isn't that a hoot?) BUT then I would have even less workspace on my already non-existent table top. Ugh...so glad you are making such fab progress in T.O.R. whilst buying more schtuff :)


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