Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kristie!

Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And welcome (if we've done this correctly, and you came here from June's blog) to the next stop on your personal Everything Kristie Celebratory (and Adoration Society) Blog Hop!

I am in charge of the decorations:

Let this be a lesson to everyone that I should not be in charge of decorations, k? K!

To try and redeem myself, I also made you a card:

Not only is this posted here on my humble blog, but it is on its way to you! Yessiree, I've mailed it, with a few other goodies, to boot! ;-)

So thank you for the Everything Kristie you bring into our lives, thank you for my cool blog header, thank you for finally embracing Pumpkin Pie card stock, thank you for getting me inspired enough to use pink, and may you have manymanymanymanymany more happy, healthy, and creative years to come!

(PS: Hug your sis next time you see her for cooking up this whole evil plan to surprise you!)

Now on to your next stop over at Nikki's blog. (ETA: I fixed the link.)


  1. Oh your decorations are so ummm *stylish* Leslie!!! LOL. Thanks for joining in the fun!!

  2. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself...that's the nicest b'day decorations I've had in ages. Of course since it's the only b'day decoration I've had in ages.....LOL!
    Thank you so much for playing along with my crazy sister in her wonderful surprise...she's the best!
    I adore that card...I can't wait to see it in real life because I know it will be even better!!!!
    Thanks for being such a great friend and for making my b'day this year just wonderful! ♥

  3. duuuuuuuuuude! as far as i am concerned, that is ♥FAB♥ decor...but you can come do my house next year if you'd like a bit more practice!

    your card is wonderful, as well! but then they tend to *BE* wonderful...your cards...i know b/c i'm lookin' at one right now... :)

    HAPPY KRISTIE'S BIRTHDAY, my friend! ♥♥♥

  4. Yea, I was gonna call you if the link was still not working...neither of mine were working and I had to re-do. Anyway, it is working now and that is all that matters :)

    Love your fabric and that gold in it; fabulous :)

    This was so much fun!!!

  5. Your card is absolutely stunning! I'm sure Kristie just loved it....I had soo much fun today! {SMILES}

  6. Gorgeous card and awesome decorations! This was fun wasn't it!
    Kristy xo

  7. Your card is magnificent...and I'm sure it'll be a hit!!! As for the decos....minimilist...well it says the most in the simplest done good!!!


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