Friday, July 3, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened At The Office ...

I am in a funk. I think it is because I have TOO MUCH STUFF. This morning I am sad to report I have nothing (NOTHING) newly-stamped to share with you. :-(

HOWEVER, I do have something to share that I learned yesterday at work. Maybe because it was Virtual Friday (we have the 3rd off), or maybe I need a vacation, or maybe we were all working SO HARD we needed an outlet. Yeah, that's it - we were working SO HARD!

What did I learn? I found a secret Microsoft code for flipping your entire desktop on its ear! Wha? Gimme a sec to explain.

I used to be in Systems Security, and I always always always lock my desktop when I leave my desk, even if it is just to go to the printer. By 'lock' I mean Ctrl+Alt+Delete + Lock, and you have to enter your userid and pw to unlock it. It's what keeps people from sending emails from you to the CEO when you are not looking.

So I had to go to a meeting, and I did my usual Ctrl+Alt+Del + Lock and ... ... my entire desktop TURNED SIDEWAYS! OMG!

It went from this ...

... to this.

It totally freaked me out! I said something incredibly intelligent like "GAH!", then I locked my desktop and went to my meeting. Afterwards, I went to a fellow worker and asked if she knew how I could get my desktop right-side up again, and she started to laugh uncontrollably. She even came by to look, and she had no clue how to fix it, but thought it was hysterical anyway. And no, I had no plans to tilt my head for the rest of the day!

It was endless entertainment for a while until a very quiet cube neighbor told me to hit Ctrl+Alt and the Up arrow. It WORKED! While the rest of us were laughing at my dumb luck, he'd been searching forums for my little problem. As it turns out, I'd hit Ctrl+Alt and the Right arrow instead of Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

So let this be a lesson to you. Strange things happen when your time sheet looks like this:

(available vacation hours)

(available sick time)

I'm just sayin' ......


  1. You crack me up. I've felt EXACTLY the same way; I am agonizing over every single card, I have too much stuff, and not much to show for it. ACK!

  2. First up.....TAKE A VACATION!!!! In fact, why don't you come to Australia and come hang out with me. You could come when it's nasty cold over there and have some lovely Aussie summer! You could come for Christmas and eat cold meats and salads with us out in the backyard. There would always be a place to stay with me, but it is a bit boring out in the country...though we could always go and stay with my uncle at the Gold Coast...lots of fun there :)
    Now I am going to stop sounding like I work for Australian Tourism and say that the idea of you accidentally turning you screen sideways totally cracked me up...but it might be a cool trick to play on my nephew when he wants to play on my computer {insert very evil laugh}.


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