Monday, July 13, 2009

Mixing It Up

Remember this card? It was project #4 of 4 for this past weekend's Stamp Camps. Before I cut up the card stock for the kits, I actually changed the blade in the trimmer I use for the smaller pieces, and funny, but their pieces did not come out pre-distressed like my sample did. Hmph. So except for that whole distressing thing that no one noticed I'd done, most people followed my example and did their cards like mine.

I always encourage people to try and mix things up, though - not just follow my serving suggestion cards - so a few of The Ladies played with the card parts and we got a few of this version. I like it both ways!

Did ya notice the blue squirrels? Several customers get envelopes with their kits so they can stamp them to coordinate with the cards. Since we'd already used three of the four stamps in this set to make the card, she used the remaining stamp - Bench With Squirrels - and pondered her color choices. Hmmm ... we have blue and brown out on the table, so how about I use blue and brown? So she made a brown bench with blue squirrels, and it came out really nicely, I think!

She went back and added a "thinking of you" blue sentiment under the bench (I got her the SAMJ so it would line up!) I never would have thought of using a sentiment on the envelope! See, I learn something at every one of these classes!

Then we have this card. This is the first card I made with the new In Colors. During one of my Sunday sessions, several people switched this up like the following card...

By making the swirl black it makes a much more dramatic look, don't you think? During Monday evening's session, when I explained the options for switching the colors, one of the women, in true "I have been at work all day do not make me think any more" mode became totally vermluxed and just stared at her card parts, simply unable to proceed with so many choices. She told me it would have been so much easier if I'd just said, "Do it this way!" LOL! She did end up making the swirl black, by the way. :-)

So this month's Stamp Camps are behind me, and for the moment, my tables are clean. Not to worry, though, as by this time on Tuesday, they will both be complete disasters. As it should be.

On an unrelated topic, I run Spellchecker on these posts before I hit Publish, and I give the Blogger Spellchecker a C+ for effort. Hey, it's free, so I guess I should not complain. But see that made-up word: vermluxed? These are the suggested words I got to use in its place: milkiest, simulcast, virologist, gemologist. Um, don't think so ....

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  1. I like these all alot...I am running out of superlatives and need a thesaurus as well as spell-check on here!
    I hope you don't mind, but the statement above the comment box says you want to hear what we really think...I DON'T like the new comment form. It's a pain to use and makes it more time consuming to leave a comment. Can you please go back to the pop-up box??? It was much easier than this and I think you will loose comments...but that's just my opinion ;)

  2. Oh, The swirl in black is very striking! Love it and the half circle punch ribbon treatment too.


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