Friday, July 17, 2009

More Irreverence

Ready for another irreverent card? Here's a second saying by the same person (with permission) who gave us this one, and I immediately envisioned it like this:

Well, truth be told, I envisioned it completely differently than this, but I'd forgotten how large that stamp image is, so I had no room to do the sentiment any other way. In the back of my brain, I heard BR #2 muttering, "Ya know, you could make that card bigger...". Ach, too late. I could also overlap the layers, but then I'd hide her fashionable shoes, and we could not have that now, could we!

I printed the sentiment on Whisper White, but I wanted to stamp the image on Naturals White, so I spent about 20 minutes this morning trying to coax my printer to print on the much thicker Naturals White, but the printer was having none of that. I was forced to devise Plan B, and I just sponged some Really Rust ink over the white to mute it. It's passable.

I paper-pieced her dress, and I actually used a piece of virgin patterned paper for that, but everything else is from the Scrap Heap. Since I began my quest back in March to use up all my partial pieces of card stock, I have hardly cut into any new sheets. VERY cost-effective!

Since this card IS all about that sentiment, I may break down some time this weekend and re-make her on a larger card so I can do the sentiment panel the way I'd originally planned. But for now, this is it.

Sigh ... Time to leave for the Day Job. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Either way, it's a great card with a fabulous character on it. I like that old woman! I would like to see more of her, but maybe you've already used her more often and I just don't know about that, being new. It's fun to come here and see what you've come up with next.

  2. I too used to be a x-stitcher and I still have all of the supplies and all the DMC colours. I keep them current just in case I ever decide to start doing it again, when I don't have anything else to do ( cough, cough ) :o) Love your work. TFS Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. This is such a great card, regardless. I love that stamp and will be hunting it down, it is very relevant at my time of life. lol!

  4. You are too funny!!! this is a good way of course ;) I just love it ♥

  5. Great job on her suit!!! You chose a wonderful sheet of virginal paper. Congrats on saving $$$ by using scrap heap cs.


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