Friday, July 24, 2009

I've Been Featured!

Just a quick note: I've been featured!

Yes, my friends, one of the cards in my esty store has been featured on someone's blog! Check it out: I am so tickled!

Gotta run to the Day Job. I hope to have an actual card to post tonight.

Thanks for listening to me brag. ;-)


  1. Congrats, Leslie. I'm impressed. And the card is really cute too.

    WV Spasenti: I will have my masseuse spray on some spasenti.

  2. Wahoo!!! And 3 sales too. Remember me when you are famous :)

    I've left you comments all the way back to your first twitter post July 12th; I had left some previously, but when I checked, I think dd had closed the pop-up comment thingy before I published. Anywho, if you are bored, you can go back and read what I had to say ;)

  3. YAY for you...totally deserved IMO! I don't think I'd seen that card before???? but I love it ♥


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