Saturday, July 11, 2009

Market Update (lotsa blathering)

Today was a most interesting Market day. The weather was supposed to be Hazy, Hot & Humid, but the weather gods smiled down upon us and it was cool and breezy most of the day. No complaints, here! Sales were - eh, nothing to shout about, but worth my time. Heck, I'd go even if I had zero sales, which I have had in the past, but it was slow enough that I wandered and got distracted and took a ton of photos to which I will now subject you.

Let's start with the critters du jour. Please feel free to jump in and correct any of my claims about knowing the breeds.

This I think is a Greyhound. Since I was in stealth mode, I did not get a chance to ask. I have been known to leave my post and approach people's dogs and act like that is my whole reason for being, but not today. Stealth was today's name of the game.

This is a Maltepoo, which is a cross between a Maltese and a Miniature Poodle. This child was sitting with his dog, posing for his portrait. He said this is as big as the dog will get. Really cute! (I know this really is a Maltepoo, cuz I asked!)

Brownie is back! This is the dog with her own stroller. She has a cache of treats and toys in there, but at the moment, she was waiting for her Mom to get her a sweet treat from the bakery.

This guy was huge. I think this is a Boxer, but I was just entranced by his coloring. Just beautiful (er, handsome). My Brother has had several Boxers, and he would ask someone why a Boxer has such a huge chest, and then he would 'pat' his dog's chest hard enough so you'd hear an echo (the dog just stood there), and my Brother would say, "So you can do this!" I guess you had to be there, but it sounded like he was beating on a drum!

And our little beverage vendor was enthralled with this fluffy white caterpillar on a rosemary plant, and he ran over to show it to me. :-)

Speaking of adorable, this little girl was trying on one of MB's tutus. Yes, her Mom bought it for her!

Ready for some veggies? (I told you it was slow ...) Here we go!

These are African Gordon Eggs. I know that fact because I read the sign. I cannot find it on the 'Net, so I will need to quiz Farmer Mike about them next week.

Here are this season's zucchini's that are bigger than my arm! The one I got was small - only 4 lbs. I missed the 6-pounder. I'm thinking about Zucchini Cake, or as Mike suggested, a Zucchini boat - stuffed halves of the beast. Probably way more healthy for me, too.

Ah, tomatillos! Salsa, coming your way next week. All I need are a few onions. One of Mike's customers used to buy these things by the bushel and make salsa. Once their freezer filled up, they stopped buying, which left some for the rest of us. They shared their recipe a few years ago, and now the rest of us are hooked. Once I find my copy, I'll be glad to share with you!

Zees babies are HOTHOTHOT! And no, I did not buy any.

More eggplant. The striped, round ones are Asian, I believe.

That's all for the critters and veggies, but wait, there's more!! First, the owner of Chloe's Coffee Shop, where I have a box of cards for sale, stopped by my booth to introduce me to his new Coffee Shop Manager. He is back to thinking about making room for a floor spinner card rack so my cards are more visible and will sell more. Yay! Plus, of course, I am promoting his Coffee Shop by telling everyone that my cards are for sale there during the week, so they are not limited to just Saturday's if they need a card. It's a win-win for both of us. :-)

Second, a woman stopped by and told me she has an annual craft show in her home with selected crafters of only high-quality products, and she asked me (ME) if I'd be interested in participating. Oh, yeah, baby! She is in Bethesda, which is a very high-end area, so this could be good! Also, I think she was the one who asked if I do Christmas cards. Well, yeah, but they never sell, because by the time the holiday shows roll around, people already have their cards, or are looking for gifts, not cards. Soooo, why not put them out NOW? I do have a tent and lots more space, so maybe I just will! Hmmmm ... maybe I could do something like take orders so I know they are sold before I make any that will need to be stored for another year. I am definitely pondering this one. I think it would be safe to say that no one else will have any Christmas stuff out, yet. :-)

And lastly, I finished up my Kentlands City Card packs last night, and two of the four sold today! These buggers are really time-consuming to make - like three evenings out of my week. I have devised a plan that is not quite baked yet, but if it works out, it will make production of these cards a whole lot easier. I will share with you once I see that the idea will actually work. Stay tuned on that one.

Okay, I think I have blathered enough about absolutely nothing once again, so now I leave you so I may do laundry, cut card stock, and invoke Clean Sweep mode, as my Stamp Camps start tomorrow morning, and time's a-wastin'!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love me a blathery market post!!!! Those dogs are awesome, especially that beautiful brindle boxer...that colouring is perfect!
    Have my fingers crossed your city card production idea works out...they are awesome! Mama won't give hers away...she thinks they're too nice to be given to anyone who doesn't appreciate them!


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