Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3 & 4

Here it is: Wednesday, and I just made the last 2 projects for this weekend's Stamp Camps. I know, I know, something is out of kilter with the world. Or maybe I decided the only way I can justify making other cards is to have these two done.

This first one started out as a CASE of this card by Linda Aarhus, but I decided I didn't like the color-on-color, plus I tried Smooch instead of pearls, and it just didn't work for me. So tonight I decided to re-do the image and stamp it on white for more contrast, and to go ahead and use pearls. This is what came out:

A few more things: I added the layer of white for contrast, and also the folded ribbon. The Ladies indicated they'd like to learn how to do it (which I did right here via Mary Dawn's blog), so they shall. I might switch that taffeta ribbon out for some 1/8" taffeta, but we'll see. It's not midnight Saturday yet, so there's plenty of time. :)

Please ignore that smudge of Smooch on the left of the top blue panel. It's the only evidence I even tried to use it. ;/

Next I watched the video on today's SCS tutorial (You can scroll to the end of the picture posts to see the card without watching the tutorial, but go back and watch it later. It's good!) and I realized I've never used these stamps in a Stamp Camp, and they are retiring, and I loved her card, so duuuuuh! I made one:

Now that I look at it, I think my squares are too aligned, but whatever. I used the Sweet & Sour Specialty Papers instead of the direct-to-paper thing Lydia did, and I even broke out my relatively new Postage Punch because plain old squares looked boring with this paper.

The Ladies will have the option to use either stamp in the set, and they can flip the papers over to use whatever combination they want to. That's 6 sides from which to choose!

Enough for a few Good Demo moments. I'm going to spam my customers and go play with some more stamps.

Thanks for stopping by!

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