Sunday, June 19, 2011

Market Update (6/18/2011)

Another Saturday, another market. Yesterday was HOT and HUMID, as predicted, though there was a decent breeze, so I didn't need to break out the frozen towels.

It sure was buggy, though, so I got one of these:

It worked even better once I figured out how to turn it on. ;/

Ready for some produce? Let's get started!

Here is my usual first shot of the day:

Mmmmm, maters:

And lest you think Farmer Mike isn't real, he was putting out his signs while I was snapping pics:

Moving on. Bell peppers:

Sweet peppers:




He also had some blackberries (not to be confused with black raspberries), but my photo was a big blur and made me dizzy to look at, so I'll spare you.


And beets (ugh):

Cabbage (he had both red and green):

and kohlrabi:

Farmer Margie had sweet cherries:

and a box of big-a$$ heads of cabbage!!!!

She said grating it for slaw was tough. :)

Farmer Katie had orn-yons:

By the way, I did ask Farmer Mike about the difference between spring onions & green onions and scallions. He said (if I remember correctly) spring onions have bulbs, and are just early regular onions. Green onions and scallions are the same thing, and have no bulb. So there you have it.

Farmer Katie also had squash:

and strawberries:

and two different kinds of sweet cherries:

On to the flower tent. Here are some pretties; I forget their name, though:

These are Gloriosa Daises:

and Zinnias:


and more pretties whose name I forget:

Here is the arrangement I ended up with (with which I ended up ... up with which I ended ...):

The market was hopping as far as events, even if the shoppers mostly stayed home. First, we had a live musician (as opposed to a dead one?). A 16-year-old from a nearby town who played acoustic guitar and sang lots of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. He was pretty good!

The son of one of the vendors had begged and begged to grow his hair long, and his Mom let him. I guess lately he's been begging for a Mohawk, so maybe to get rid of the long hair, she sent him to the barber shop across the street and he came back with this:

HAHAHAHA! Speaking of hair, it was so HOT I needed to get my hair off my neck. I am weeks behind in getting it cut. I bought some hair thingies and did this:

I had coordinating clips in the front to keep my bangs off my face. I need to get a haircut before next weekend. Ugh.

Ready for the critter portion of the show? I slacked off in the doggie pics this week, but I did get a few.

Standard poodle (or maybe he is a blend, I forget):


And a Chinese Crested:

Yes, a mostly hairless dog. S/he was riding around in a bike-cart for a local dog supplies store, and the owner was giving out treats and coupons to dog owners.

Oh, and I had an INCREDIBLE surprise! One of my tweeps, PatriciaMonkey, stopped by! She lives HOURS away, and I never expected to see her here. She and hubs were out and about on this side of the Bay Bridge, so they took a little drive to see MEEEEE! What a fantastic surprise!

In a few weeks, I'll be driving over the Bay Bridge to meet up with Patti in St Michael's for some crab cakes. YUM.

That's it for the market. I've had a pretty crafty Sunday so far, so I hope to have something to show you later.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Still keeping up and loving ALL your posts. So glad you are back with the market pics, lovin' 'em. I think your first flowers are Cornflowers and the others you didn't remember could be Coneflower or there is a latin name that begins with!! sorry, not much help am I?
    I laughed so much at the hairless dog, no...not because he's hairless, but because I thought he was sitting in a box of cabbages. Silly Billy that I am.
    Keep up your good work of keeping me sane in this oh so mad, mad world. xx


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