Friday, June 24, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #21 - Pig Inmate

Time for another Hambo Hoedown. This week we are using this image (free if you played last week):

And ... you guessed it: I forgot to re-read the instructions before I made my card! ACK! But I did remember before I'd finished assembly. Sigh. Here is my card:

Perhaps not my best work. Perhaps not my best evening to be stamping. But I think I did pretty well saving myself here. The good thing about digi images is you can re-size them, which I did after I realized all this stuff wasn't going to fit on the card in the size I'd originally printed them.

So what did I forget? The twine. I forgot we were supposed to use twine or jute or string - no ribbon. And just as I was moaning over the schmear on the white layer and trying to figure out how to disguise it, I thought - CARP, I'm supposed to use twine! heh heh I made a ball and chain from black & white baker's twine:

Fortunately I hadn't layered everything yet, so I could poke holes around his ankle and deal with the twine. Phew! Unfortunately, you can also see my sukky coloring job on the pig. :( Lessons learned: (1) Don't pick a Copic and use it until you're sure you have the lighter color, too. (2) Going over pink/red Copics with the '0' marker will not remove enough color to notice. (3) Going over the area saturated with the '0' (but not lighter) will only look worse than before you tried to fix it.

In other news, I used up my last black scrap, er, remnant and had to cut into a virgin piece for the main mat layer. I now have new black scraps, but for a moment there I was doing a little jig. I think if I keep going, I should use up the rest of the remnants by 2048. Yeah, it might take a while.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute card! Your blog posts about the Hambo Hoedowns have moved me to give it a try!

  2. Black, I don't even know if I have a full sheet! I keep talking myself out of buying it because I have lots. Lots of little, wrong-sized remnants, that is ;) lol
    I absolutely love the ball-and-chain. What a unique way to incorporate twine. And nice save on the challenge. {whew!}

  3. Adorable card. Love the back colorful! Great idea with the ball and chain! Too cute!

    Thanks so much for joining us at the Hambo Hoedown!


  4. That crazy background paper makes for a wild card! I loooove it! Thanks for playing with us this week at the Hoedown!


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