Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

Welcome to H3ll, or as we call it here: DC Summer. UGH! HOT HOT HOT and HUMID. It was 96 yesterday with a heat index over 100, and a heat advisory until 8 pm. Um, it was still MAY, people!!!!!! MAY! So stoppit! I'm already planning how to survive Saturday's market. I've got my fan, and I plan to freeze some towels and partial bottles of water. And I have one of those gel pack things you wet & tie around your neck. I may still die.

So yesterday when I got home, I showered off the hot and became instantly comatose on the couch, so you get a "miscellaneous projects" post with stuff I'm working on and haven't posted yet.

First up is this purple ribbon wreath under glass:

PURPLE! I KNOW! But if it sells, it's that much more purple that is out of my house! The "love" is made with "rootbeer" Thickers. Oh, look, it's off-center. Sigh.

Anyway, I had a mini field trip on Sunday to one of my peeps' crafty rooms to discuss her Cricut and the possibility of die-cutting letters. We also looked up a few other electronic cutting devices, and in the end, we think the Thickers will work best for me. Who knows, these frame things may not fly. Maybe I'll post one on etsy before my store totally dies on the vine from neglect. I'll let you know how that goes.

I also made some baby cards with some gingham A Muse paper I have had since they invented it, plus some UFO baby shirts from my stash, and some oldoldold baby ribbons. Check 'em out:

Not bad. Not bad. I think this SOS DT gig is making me realize I can totally function just working out of my stash. It's quite liberating, really.

In other news, I'm reading a book recommended to me by Julie of Another Chance Ranch, and I cannot put it down. The book is "The Last Child", and it is a real page-turner! My problem is I only read at night when I get into bed, so what happens is I keep saying, "I KNOW it's past midnight, but just one more chapter." and then 5:45 am comes around and I curse that book and shake my fist towards Oklahoma. *shakes fist* Yawn. I hope to finish the book this weekend. Maybe I'll take it to the market to read while I'm not selling anything. There's a positive attitude for ya! :)

On the crafty front, I have printed off some long-forgotten digital images with some snarky sentiments that I hope to get to before the weekend. I'll share as soon as the magic happens!

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  1. Hi Leslie wow it sounds very hot your end me I love the heat but don't get much of it over here (uk) not proper heat anyway love the wreath and cards a lot of peeps are doing these ribbon wreaths at the mo not been brave enough myself lol anyway enjoy the rest of your week if you can stay awake long enough lol that book sounds good
    Jacki xx

  2. Cute cards and wreath! I just heard the weekend forecast and it sounds pretty good (I'm not too far north of DC)- hope your sale goes well!

  3. Wow Leslie, you are amazing at making those ribbon wreaths!! Hey I even have some of that same ribbon :)
    LOVE the baby cards, that image is perfect and love it's CAS so that you can make them quickly. Oh and by the way please send some warm weather my way.....I'm so tired of all this rain :(

  4. oooo i made a blog post. i feel famous! i did finish up some scrapbook pages on Sunday/Monday but did not get to the cricut-ing part yet....will be sure to cut out some letters for you one i have the chance!

  5. just send some heat my way would you...I would REALLY like to use the deck sometime this year :-(
    LOVE the little baby ribbons!! Cute cards :-)

  6. just send some heat my way would you...I would REALLY like to use the deck sometime this year :-(
    LOVE the little baby ribbons!! Cute cards :-)

  7. Looooooooooove the wreath!!! So cool! But but but - you hate purple? I didn't know this about you. I just died inside a little. :-(


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