Saturday, June 4, 2011

Market Update (6/4/2011)

Today was almost perfect. Almost. It got a little hot by mid-afternoon, but still, it was a gorgeous day. This is my usual picture of the sky:

That is a SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot. I don't know how to colorize. Like I said: gorgeous.

While I was taking pics of veggies, my camera battery started yelling at me, so I did NOT take any dog pics this weekend, though there were like eleventy bazillion dogs. I made a lot of points with my water bowl and gallon of water. :) Lots of drippy dog lips.

So let's get to those fruits and veggies. First up was this table of strawberries right across from me:

In addition to this vast expanse of goodness, Farmer Katie had more boxes she kept using to refill what was selling. I bought two boxes myself. By 1:00 this is what she had left:

Four. Four "second" strawberries. She actually had a big box of seconds, and someone bought them all, including these four lonely ones. Seriously - ALL of them. It was a sight to behold.

She also had some snap peas:

(like my shadow?) I got some of these, too. You pop them open and eat the peas. Sweet as candy. So good.

More rhubarb:

I got two bunches.


Over at Farmer Margie's, we had 'maters:

and baby seedless cukes:

all gone by the time I checked on them. :(

Over at Farmer Mikes, we have 'maters:

and peppers:

and baby squash:

and baby cukes:

and some 'taters:

Some all-growed-up squash:

and some baby cauliflower and broccoli:

Oh, and beans:

and Kohlrabi:

and finally squash blossoms:

Okay, I lied. I took one doggie pic because this guy was close and just too cute:

In other market news, remember I told you about the neighbor who adopted Krum a few years ago? That stow-away teeny tiny kitten? And how she wanted another one? Well, she got her wish. Last weekend she picked up her new baby kitteh and she stopped by today to tell us about her. She said the kitteh is a real sweetie. I'm so happy for both the kitteh and J, who did SUCH a good job with Krum. I love happy endings.

Speaking of which, OMG, what a great market! I had a record sales day, plus a LOT of repeat customers. I love it when they come back to buy more. I even sold my purple ribbon wreath under glass! :) And I got a commission for a custom one for a neighbor of mine. Like I said, a good day!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Yes, I have new batteries in my camera now. :/


  1. Well, maybe it is just one dog - but it's a very very cute one! Glad it was a successful day!

  2. Glad to hear you had a great day at the market!! I love reading your weekly reports and seeing the yummy looking produce even if I can't eat it. Love the cute puppy too, he's gorgeous!

  3. I am extremely jealous of where you live right now...we still have to buy our produce from the store...and i can guarantee that it doesn't even look a bit like that stuff...yikes...will still be 2 more months at least before we see fresh tomatoes...and with the weather and flooding this year, strawberries etc will be scarce...those pictures keep me drooling though!

  4. Oh everything looks so beautiful, reminds me of the markets in Turkey!
    Cute pup! Did you get fleurs?
    Congrats on the great sales!!!

  5. Gorgeous pics. Mmmmm can't wait for our garden to grow some of this stuff. :o)


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