Friday, June 3, 2011

More Stella

I had this image of Stella printed the other night but didn't get around to assembling the card. Here's a little more attitude for you:

Gosh, I love her. I can think of all sorts of snarky things she could say. I have a few more printed that I hope to get to this weekend. The Heaplet, it dwindles.

In other news, I've spammed my Stamp Camp customers to remind them the sessions are next weekend, then I thought, "OMG, THE SESSIONS ARE NEXT WEEKEND!" *gasp* I have one - ONE - card made. Guess what else I'll be doing this weekend.

The good news is: today was SUPER-DUPER lovely out - the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees, the humidity is non-existent, and it's supposed to continue tomorrow. Sweet. Should be a great market day.

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  1. the card is fab! The weather was indeed perfect today, I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow! Who knows, maybe I'll make a trip to the market for some of farmer mike's strawberries! xo

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