Saturday, June 11, 2011

Market Update (6/11/2011)

For as hot as it was today, the market was hopping! My sales were even decent. :)

A couple of things before we get to the veggies. I ran out of biz cards and needed to print some more this week. Then I remembered reading somewhere that there is a vast wasteland of missed opportunity on the backs of business cards, so I printed the Biz Card version of my blog header (that I won from Olive Hue Designs) on the back.

Neat, huh? And while we're on the topic of conversation starters :), look what else I made this week:

And people asked me! I remember reading something ELSE recently about how a top-folded card is lefty-friendly, so I've actually been making a lot of cards that way lately, and I decided to make it a selling point. People were intrigued. No, really!

Ready for some fruits and veggies? Let's get started with my usual expanse of goodness:

Mmmm, maters:

I have to admit that picture came out pretty good. And yes, it is too early for tomatoes here, but some of the farmers have greenhouses, so we get an added bonus of not having to wait until July for vine-ripened tomatoes.

Moving on, we have cukes:

... and summer squash:

... and zucchini:


Did you notice it's on ice? I took an ice cube to try and lower my body temp, and I think Farmer Mike considered charging me for it.

Next we have beans:


I was sitting half-way across the county from these, so I missed out on actually buying any.

Bell peppers:

and I think these are (dare I say it?) beets:

If they aren't beets, I still don't want them.


or maybe they are scallions. He's tried to explain the difference between spring onions and green onions and scallions to me, but it won't register in my city brain.

I do believe this is fennel:

If it's not, I'm sure you will tell me. :)

Over at Farmer Katie's we have baby Pattypan squash:

and orn-yons:


and more strawberries:

Once again, she sold completely out of all her produce. ALL of it.

For you dog-lovers, here is a doggie encounter:

And the flower tent is starting to offer cut flowers in addition to the plants:

So pretty!

A sunflower:

Then I was distracted by this fellow:

Yep - a Great Dane. So gentle for their size. This is the one photo where he was standing still and it's not one big blur. He had a bit of energy.

Back to the flowers and some annuals:

Then this fellow stopped by:

That's Warren, and he's about 4 months old. For perspective, see that wire rack next to him? It holds a 4.25x5.5" card. Tiny little thing.

Speaking of tiny, look at this gaggle of long-haired Daschunds:

Again, one big blur of brown fur.

So, did I mention it was HOT?! As in: I almost died? Or maybe I just looked near death. Thank goodness I had my frozen towels and frozen water bottles. One of the other crafters had to leave early, and he stopped by to harass me for not offering to help him load his car (totally fair since he helped me unload mine). He took one look at me and said, "Never mind, you just stay in front of your fan." I don't deal well with heat.

In other news, two of my three Stamp Camp sessions are tomorrow and I'm all set up and ready for The Ladies. It's a miracle, for sure. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loved every bit of it, especially those adorable little wiener dogs.

  2. Thank U 4 sharing your photos. Enjoyed seeing them till I get to the rhubarb that is. Made my mouth water. I love the stuff.
    Wish I could grow it here in Texas but gets 2 hot in summer and not cold enough in the winter for it to grow. :{

  3. SEE? I DO read your blog! And there are tomatoes!

    Oh, and fennel? Really superb in curried fish soup. :)

  4. WOW! These are amazing pics (You make me wanna eat my veggies!) & the lefty-friendly top-folded card is GENIUS! I like making them since they're easy to shoot pics of but who knew? (You!) Love your tree logo.

  5. these pictures just make me drool...on a bright note, my irises are almost ready to bloom...that's close to having fresh, delicious looking produce, isn't it? and i planted my leeks and spaghetti squash today, hoping that there won't be any more frost...but i do think your business cards look great!


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