Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SOS Challenge #3 - UFOs

This week's challenge at Shopping Our Stash is UFOs! For the uninitiated, UFO = Un-Finished Object. How many of us start something, or die-cut something, then never finish or use it? I know *I* save these in a heap with the intention of going back one day to actually use them. Your mission is to sort through the piles, find something and finish it!

Oh, my, where to begin. Let's start at the Captain's Table, the right side of which is also known as UFO Central:

Everything on the right is part of something else - either a trimming or a die-cut or a partially-finished card. But see that 3-drawer unit on the back of the table? Oh, well, it looks like a 2-drawer unit because the bottom drawer is buried, but work with me here. It's that middle drawer we care about (about which we care) at the moment. That drawer holds most of my UFOs. Let's take a look:

Lots of possibilities here. I see an MFT dino, some flowers, some felt clouds ...

There are the flowers. I still hate intensely dislike them. They stayed in the drawer.

Oh, look, some baby card parts-is-parts. But no, I ended up grabbing these:

These were stamped many years ago, when I still owned the stamp set. I must have come across them in a cleaning frenzy (hey, it could happen) and that's how they ended up in this drawer. I designated them "chosen" for this project.

I next rummaged in my vast 12x12 paper stash for anything with black & white that I could use as a base paper for an engagement card. I don't know if the cosmic beams are crossed or what, but this paper has (gah) pink in it. Here is the card in progress:

I opened and used a still-in-the-package Taylored Expressions heart die and put it under the now-layered sentiment. Then I noticed that I now have a new UFO, or at least a part of this project that needs to be saved for something else. See that tiny pile of perfect hearts? Yep, the innards of the die-cut border. Sigh. Into a bag and into the drawer they'll go.

Here, finally, is the finished card:

It's just about impossible to see, but I took some Crystal Effects and, using a toothpick, I carefully applied it to each of those gems so they are shiny! It's bling, man!

Here's the other paper I used:

I'm now down 5 UFOs (one was sacrificed for experimentation), but I'm up a bag of mini hearts. And so it goes.

Please join us, won't you? Dig into your UFOs and either use some parts-is-parts or finish something you've started. Then show us what you did by linking us up! We'd love to see!

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  1. love your cards!! i'll have to play late, as i'm away fr the cave now til father's day :(


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