Sunday, June 26, 2011

Market Update (6/25/2011)

'Twas a glorious day at the market yesterday:

The day's high was in the low 80s, but the humidity was unseasonably low, so people were out in force. I think today I'll present the photos in the order they were taken (pretty much), to give you a flavor for the randomness of the day.

We'll get started with the stars of the show - fruits and veggies (sorry, Bunny, but yes, there are dogs today, just hold on):

The veggie spread at Farmer Mike's:


and green tomatoes:

Grape tomatoes:


... and Zukes:

Bell peppers:

... and BASIL:

OMG, you can smell this stuff as you approach that end of the table. Mmmmm.

He also had beets (blech):

... and cabbage:


and fennel (yes, it smells like licorice):

... and celery:

... and both blackberries and blueberries:

Oh, and lest I forget, he had okra:

and SOME people were happy about it. I don't get it. Oh, is my Yankee showing?

I turned the corner to Farmer Margie's and spied her fruit offerings:

which included blueberries and sweet cherries, and also sour cherries:

Over at Farmer Katie's, we had pretty PattyPan squash:

and this fruit spread:

Sitting across from it all morning I finally broke down and got both sweet and sour cherries, and some blueberries. The blueberries were disappeared in no time. SO good.

Over at the flower tent, we had Snapdragons:

... and daisies:

... and these, which I think are cornflowers:

and zinnias:

This is my arrangement:

The Rock Lady had a few new items, too. These are the ones that are in focus enough to share with you.

The pond:

Isn't that a great display? It's not wet - just looks like it is.

And some guinea pigs:

I overheard someone say these are the best kind. They don't eat much, and you don't need to clean their cages. :)

Okay, Bunny, are you ready? Time for some real-life critters!

This next one is a Schnoodle - Schnauzer + Poodle. SO cute:

This Westie was thirsty:

She said he lays down to drink at home, too. :)



This guy is a Vizsla:

It's a Hungarian breed, also called the Velcro dog - I guess they stick to everything. She said he's like a Weimeraner, but not, and they only come in this color.

A pug for Carla:


I've always wanted to get a decent photo of his blue feathers, since they are gorgeous. This is the best I could do yesterday:

You can see some on his tail. He's such a pretty, er handsome bird.

This is a Poodle and Golden mix:

He would put down this toy when they stopped, and pick it back up again when they resumed walking. What a hoot!

Okay, one more:

That's it for photos. Sales were decent, so I can't complain much. I even sold one of these sets of cards I made just before I left for the market:

I love it when a plan comes together. :)

In other news, when I got home I had happy mail from Libby:

She did something totally crazy and actually MAILED some cards. I KNOW! Isn't this one perfect for me? She enabled me to purchase these stamps, I like them so much. :)

I hope to get caught up with some challenges today, so I hope to have something crafty to share later today.

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  1. Wow - gorgeous dogs!!! Good job! And thank you for linking to my Etsy shop - you're so sweet! xoxo

  2. Ah hemm... excuse me Maam.. but I am a Yankee.. Born and raised (Maine) and I LOVE OKRA! :-)

    I have to agree yesterday was glorious! And that little Schnoodle was so, so, so cute!

  3. Okra and a pug.. what better way to start my day! Oh, other than maybe having me a big ol' skillet of okra and squash frying on my stove...but a girl can dream! Fabulous pics!


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