Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WOTT (6/28/2011) and WOYWW (6/29/2011)

It's been a few weeks since I've shared the mess that is my stamp table, so why not:

Yes, it's pretty bad. This was taken Tuesday evening as I worked on a card that has since been finished and is on its way to its recipient. I'll post more detail about the card on Friday, including a few pics about those buttons.

Also (still) out on the table are:
- baker's twine from my patriotic cards from the other night
- a star punch from the same episode
- the Congrats stamp from my money holder mock-up
- a bunch of other s-crap I don't want to talk about

There, I've taken another one for the team. You're welcome. I'm posting ALL OVER THE WORLD at both WOTT and WOYWW, because I can. :)

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. How in the world did you sneak into my scrap room and take a picture of MY desk? Lol. You are truly a sister in crime. Thanks for contributing to WOTT. Always glad to have you.

  2. I see no problem - there is still a 6" x 6" expanse to work on - no need wasting all the real-estate on empty space. . .

  3. Lol! Love the mess. Happy creating to you. :)

  4. Now that is an awesome bunch of s-crap. I love all the ribbons and inks and....very creative desk. Looks like if you move the card you will have plenty of room to create more. Very nice card by the way! Vickie #39

  5. Loved nosing around your space ...that bakers twine looks thicker than the one I have just bought ...who's is it ?
    I love the card ...simple but effective... perfect.

  6. I love it! It's exactly like my desk! I enjoy seeing everyone's craft spaces and knowing they really are as messy as I am.

  7. You have been busy creating and it shows. Glad I popped over and looked around.

  8. You know no mater how much room we have, it's NEVER enough.... Why is that I wonder... I'm the same way, I have a nice big work area and the place were I'm working looks like it's 8x10 inches.... and it is......
    Thanks for sharing!!!!


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