Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Purple Stuff

STILL with the purple. I think I may just leave out that pack of Basic Grey wisteria until I disappear it.

One thing I intensely dislike about purple is my inability to photograph it .. it always looks blue. See:

That textured card stock is darned close in color to the twine. Why didn't the twine change color, too? Hmmm? Anyway, this card is the result of having punched out both sizes of MFT doilies last night and only using one of them, leaving me with one to use up. That's this one. The sentiment is from Happiest Birthday Wishes, a Hostess set in the soon-to-be-released 2011-2012 SU catalog. I stamped it in two different colors onto Shimmer White, cut out the larger circle with a Nestie and the smaller one fits perfectly in the SU 1" circle punch (of course it does.)

This next card is yet another quickie 3x6 card made out of some more BG kioshi paper:

I'm thinking about doing these in a larger volume to (1) use up that purple paper and (2) sell as sets. My bloggy pal Lauren sent me a whole stack of perfectly-sized envelopes for these, so I have NO excuse but to sally forth* and create.

In other news, I purchased new lights for my ghetto photo studio this evening and plugged in two of them. Nada. Well, there was PLENTY of light, but the wrong kind of light. It's much brighter than my Ott lights, but not "real light" light, if you know what I mean, so my camera wanted to use a flash, but I wouldn't let it. So for these I went back to my Ott lights. Yes, I even have a faux light box, but the lights just don't work with it. I'll keep trying.

What's that you say? Adjust my camera? I tried that, too. Pfftht.

I think I need to go craft some more. Thanks for stopping by!

*Sally Forth is a hilarious comic strip I used to love reading back when I used to get a newspaper. I probably liked it because the mom is reeeeal sarcastic. heh heh


  1. Leslie, you're on a roll! Two great cards! Love the font on the tall and skinny one! Oh, I have trouble photographing most colors!

  2. Sooooooooooooo pretty!! You're right, I love the purple and green! (My birthday is in August, ahem) hahaha

  3. Great card leslie thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment I do aprecite it.
    xx Jan


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