Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stella & Gus

A long time ago (okay, maybe last year, or two years ago) I bought some digital images from bugaboo stamps, and I just printed them this week. What part of "running behind" has not been clear to you all these years?

Tonight I die-cut them, selected papers from the Heaplet, colored the images, and made 4 of the planned 6 cards. Here is the first one:

(tee hee) And here is the second one:

I might frame this one. No, wait, then people will know I'm snarky. Never mind. ;/

That's only two, I know. I made two of each. I have one (two) waiting in the wings, but it will have to keep for another day. I think I actually used a different sentiment with that first image than the one that came with it (equally snarky, so it's fiiiine).

In other news, I finished "The Last Child" last night. OMG, what a great book. Go to your library and check it out RIGHT THIS MINUTE, or tomorrow (it is kinda late, isn't it...) But now that I've finished it, I might actually sleep tonight. That saying up late reading then getting up early stuff was killing me.

Oh, and don't forget this week's challenge over at SOS: Oldies but Goodies ... use your oldest stamp or digi. We want to seeeeeee!

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  1. Okay, I've seen an L card like the first one (and I still love it), but the second is new to me, and it expresses how I feel every day…especially when I am PMS-ing :)


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