Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Crooked Day Off

Today I had the day off from the Day Job. I try to do this each month the day after my Stamp Camps, since I am usually so far behind, I spend the whole weekend getting ready, then I have no weekend, ya know? So my Tuesday off each month is my 'catch up on life stuff' day.

After last night's thunder boomers and torrential rains, today was sunny and glorious. I stopped in at Chloe's Cafe to see if any cards sold, and they did! I sold three more. Yay! I was so happy I decided to walk over to the ponds/lakes and see what was going on. Just then the sun decided to go behind some clouds, so it was overcast, but still very pretty. Spring really is trying to happen around here!

And if you were looking for a Trip Report from my Play Day with #2, it got cancelled again. Hey, she has a life, and a new puppy who is a little sickly right about now, so he needed to go to the Vet. I know stamping and playing is important, but the little guy needed attention, so he got it. We can reschedule some other time. She did stop by and drop off her Cuttlebug, since mine went home with one of my customers last night, and I cannot be without the tool for using my Nesties, ya know!

With no Field Trip, I decided to stamp something, and I actually retrieved The Heap from the back seat of the car and opened it up again. These cards were made from The Heap mostly, except for the layer of Brushed Gold on the first one and the white base on the second one.

One of my customers asked if I thought this card could be made into a Wedding invitation. Not really (Can you imagine making 100+ of these? And where are the pockets?!), but maybe a wedding card, so I had to try it ...

... and this is what came out. I used some stamp images from my barely-used Together Forever set from Stampin' Up! It's difficult to see in the photo, but I stamped the flower in Versamark Dazzle Champagne to make the background and just heat-set it without embossing it. It came out very subtle and glittery, and is real purty. (Go ahead - click on it and squint your eyes and look reeeeeal close ... I'll wait ... ... ...) The Mr and Mrs is embossed in gold (that's one stamp ... like *I* could line it up like that ...), and the '&' is stamped in the Versamark Dazzle Champagne over it and heat-set. I used my SAMJ to line it up.

I used my Coluzzle to cut the two ovals, and my SU Eyelet Border punch on the Brushed Gold layer. I also scored a line above the punched border for a little extra je ne sais quoi. Since I did such a horrific job with the Coluzzle, I decided to tie the ribbon through the oval pieces to try and hide it, but that plan failed me. But that's what I did - I used the double-rectangle punch at the top of the ovals, then wrapped the ribbon around the card and up through the slots, and tied it on top of the ovals. The sentiment layer is Very Vanilla and the card base is a textured sheet from my stash.

Okay, now it's time for something a little less formal! This stamp was one of my many purchases on Saturday when I had my latest rampage at Angela's.

There was a sample out on the counter (how convenient) that showed the image used like this - like a stop light, so I needed to try it myself. As an added bonus, it's all scraps. :-) I stamped the images on scraps and cut them out; hey, I needed a way to get them lined up straight, and I know I could never stamp them like that!

Did you know that Glorious Green (a much mis-understood color in the SU line-up) does not match ANYthing?!?! I had a real problem trying to match any of my green ribbons to it; this one was as close as I could get. And you thought I was kidding when I refer to these as 'Every Color Green But the One I Need' ribbon boxes. Nuh-uh. It's a real challenge some days! Well, so is getting out of bed, but that's another story for another day.

I am fatigued beyond belief right now, and I am fighting the urge to go horizontal, so I expect to hit the hay early tonight. I'll try and stamp something else I can show off tomorrow. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OK..am just leaving one comment here for a bunch of posts...am using killer time management skills...LOL. Firstly I think that poem is awesome...I hate it when people tell me I can't do something...it annoys me so much that I do it just to p!$$ them off :)
    I have had so many problems with IE in the past that I switched to Firefox last year and have never had a single problem...seriously! Won't ever use IE again.
    Lastly for this post...I like all of these cards...the mothers day one is so pretty, the wedding card is awesome....I love that versamark dazzle...must get me some of that. Finally your stop light card is too cool...love that sentiment.
    OK, I shall be MIA for a few days, but will catch up with you when I am back online xoxoxox

  2. If only I could figure out how to use the RSS feed in Firefox. I love the way that IE does it. Any suggestions?

    Beautiful blossoms.

    AND I LOVE the Mother's Day card. I'm going to have to CASE that layout.

    The other cards are cool too but that Mother's Day card...I'm drawn to it!

  3. I love your posts...SO glad I can see them again!!! The stoplight card is so clever (and FUNNY!)

    Your Mother's Day card is sweet; I really like the ribbon technique you used; I need to remember that one.

    But my fave is your "Mr. & Mrs." card. I never saw why people loved that set UNTIL NOW! Oh, you sneaky enabler, you :) Your card is so elegant with the gold paper and embossing. And you are actually using your Versamark Dazzle (mine is still in shrink wrap...LOL!) The way you used your ribbon AND the scored line are genius.

    p.s. I am so sorry to hear that your FT w/ #2 is postponed again. I have been so anxious to hear about your playdate. I imagine you two must be a riot together, and I want to live vicariously through your blog regarding the fun to be had :)


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