Friday, April 17, 2009


I wish to apologize for the shock I dealt some of you with yesterday's post. I know, it was totally out of the ordinary from my usual fare, and I probably should have warned you.

Oh, look, I did it again tonight! Hopefully this one is a bit more 'me' than yesterday's. Hey, it's all about using up those scraps, and the Basic Grey lends itself so nicely to this sort of card, I just had to go for it again.

And the s-o-r-r-y sentiment was NOT used because I was sorry about yesterday. Nope - it was because it fit in the space. It was only AFTERwards that I thought how stinkin' convenient it was that the sentiment matched my post title.

Lessee ... all the patterned papers are from the Basic Grey 6x6 Blush pack; the card base is SU white, as is the stamped panel; A Muse stamps; Copics to color; Nestability to cut the stamped panel; and ribbon from the stash.

And do you see that punched blue piece on the left side? I used one of my new Martha punches to make that. Not as easy as it looks, since it is not a border punch and I tried to make it into one. The first (failed) attempt is cleverly hidden under the top paper layer. AND, that fancy schmancy edge was supposed to be on the right side, but I mounted the top paper layer upside down, so I had to flip it over. Darned paper with an 'up' and 'down' pattern. Hmph.

Well, The Scrap Heap is all packed away in 1 1/2 boxes, and ready for Tuesday's Field Trip. So far the plan is for me to bring my Nesties and Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies, and I get to show #2 how it all works. The really funny part of this whole thing? First, the idea that I could teach her anything she did not already know about any craft known to womankind astounds me. But what's even funnier is she got her Cuttlebug before I did. She was out of town during the initial Cuttlebug frenzy on Splitcoast, and when we spoke I asked her if she thought I should get a Cuttlebug, and she hemmed and hawed and mumbled something that ended up being how she had just bought one herself, and she had had it shipped to my house (since she was not at home to take delivery). So *I* got her Cuttlebug, opened it, played with it, then ordered one of my own. (I am weak, remember?) She took it home and never used it. I get to blow the dust off of it to show her how it works. But, I also get to take hers home with me, since I am going to loan mine to one of my customers who is making her own wedding invitations. Heaven only knows what else #2 and I will get into, except I know we will be distracted by her new puppy. Yes, a new fluff-ball. Like I'll get ANYthing else done. Sigh ...

Ah, well, since it is Clean Sweep weekend, instead of focusing on making my kits and cleaning the tables, I plan to run a few errands in the morning, then head down to Angela's to pick up some, um, stuff she has on hold for me. Angela is such an enabler, and she just laughs at me when I ask her to talk me out of anything. Foul temptress. When I get home I will have MORE stuff to put away to get ready for my Sunday and Monday stamp camps. One of my projects (a bonus project, but still ...) is largely un-finished, so I have my work cut out for me. Hopefully, I'll come up for air before Tuesday. If I don't, have a great weekend!

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  1. LOL...have fun on your trip to Angela's...I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up coming home with! I can laugh only because there is no scrapbook store near enough to this house to tempt me...however when I move it's going to be a very different story!!!!
    I just love this card...those papers, that stamp, that to-die-for-polka-dotted's all just perfect!
    Hope you have a fun weekend and take a moment to think of me slaving away with the packing...BLECH!!!! LOL

  2. Leslie, I love this card. It all just goes together so well! I love that background paper!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Stamping Vacation! I would love to see what you'd do with the Where the Guys Are Challenge!

  3. duuuuuuuuuuude! no apology necessary, i love these! (but then i am cool-n-swingin' like that, eh?!)on the other hand, having taken a peek below, i now have surely THE FOULEST SONG of the entire 1960's, in any genre, country, city or planet, irrevocably (as such things always are) STUCK IN MY HEAD. so i will accept your apology.

    ...THIS TIME...(arrrrrrghhhh!)

  4. Very pretty! I love what you are doing with these fab BG papers!!!


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