Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Normal (whatever that is)

I'm back to my normal self now. Nothing here will shock you into thinking you are on the wrong blog or anything crazy like that. Nope, just your average crooked stuff.

Here I used a new Outlines stamp I picked up at Angela's last weekend. Most of the time I use Outlines stamps, I stamp them a few times on different colors, cut them out, then layer and layer and layer. But after I stamped it on this flowered SU DS paper, I decided the pattern of the stamp was perfect enough to not need to cut anything. The frame is busy and the center lets the pattern show through. Just right, I'd say!

And I'm back to my boring layers. For this one I just wanted the sentiment to stand out (so she says ...). AND, it is all scraps from The Heap. :-)

More scraps, here. I am working on a birthday card for my Dad who will be 83 next week. Back when he turned 60, he said he was not going to celebrate any more birthdays, but I refuse to let him forget. Plus, I am already a Bad Demo and a Bad Mom, and I do not want to add Bad Daughter to that list.

In case you think I was clever putting that ribbon where I did, it was totally on purpose to cover up a boo-boo where I messed up my sponging, and that knot covers it nicely.

And lastly, we have images from my new Night, Night, Ellie set from My Favorite Things, which I also picked up at Angela's last weekend. Isn't she a cutie? I paper pieced her jammies, and colored her with Copics.

The sentiment is pieced together from several different word options in the set. I cut it out with my smallest Nestie in the Labels 1 set, but the next size die was too big for this layout, so I chose a die from the Labels 3 set to use as the layer. I think it looks cool!

Other than these cards, I had a pretty productive day. Next weekend is the first Farmers Market of the season, so I picked up my card rack from storage; I recycled a bazillion SU shipping boxes; and I bought the ingredients for this recipe, including 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, and then I made it. Mmmm, but the house smells good! No, I am NOT going to eat it all myself. I have a pot luck dinner tonight, so there will be about 10 people feeding on it. I also got fresh fruit and an Angel Food cake for anyone who might want something a little less calorie-laden. I have my money on the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, though. I'll report back on how that goes. ;-)

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  1. Oh, dear, you bought Ellie? What has happened to the two of us??? I went to Angela's on Friday because of your evilness (LOL) posting that pretty flower and I bought 2 packages of those flowers. AND I bought Flopsy. Never say never...I never thought I would buy Flopsy :)

    Your first card is pure Leslie (I can sleep well tonight *grin*). I love Winston Churchill! He had a GREAT sense of humor.

    BTW, great job on Ellie!!!

  2. These are cute! Love, love, love that paper!!! That first card is my favourite...I love that quote and your new outlines stamp is awesome!
    It's nice to know that you're back to *normal*...I can expect some laughs this week :)


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