Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Colors

One of the best things about living near our Nation's Capital is the abundance of flowers and flowering trees. The National Park Service does a fantabulous job of keeping the District bea-u-tiful. We are in the middle of Cherry Blossom season, so things are particularly lovely right now. As the other 'regular' trees begin to grow their buds, and we can see a lot of new green growing everywhere, the cherry trees definitely steal the show.

So imagine the surprise of my co-worker when I actually brought my camera to take a picture of this on our way to lunch today:

No kidding. He actually said he could not believe I was taking a shot of a cable wheel during cherry blossom season. Hey, I thought it was a photo op. It is certainly not something you see every day, though we have had to look at it all week...

Okay, okay. Here is a tree I pass every day as I leave the office and drive down this street. Soooo, I took its picture. Pretty!

Depending on my route home, I get to pass this. Our fair city does a FAB job of beautifying our roadways. This is an entire berm blanketed with flowering daffodils. GORgeous. I mean, there you are, driving down a highway, surrounded by idiot drivers and cement, and then you see this field of yellow. Sigh .... (No, I did not get out of my car. Yes, I just pulled off onto the shoulder, lowered the driver-side window and shot it from there. Hey, cars were whizzing by me on my left, and I love life too much to die over a photo. Even for you guys.)

As I left the office today, I turned into this old-money neighborhood to take pics of the cherry trees. The trees line every street and make canopies of pink. There were people out everywhere enjoying the beauty. And the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to come out, so this pic should not be as bad as some of the other ones, but I think it is, anyway. Disclaimer: I are not a phot-grapher, I make cards, okay? Okay! By the way, these are fickle blossoms. A good rain or a big wind and poof - they are gone. It has been raining the past few days (but nothing too severe), but it is crazy windy tonight. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, here, and I even have maybe-plans (maybe, like if I feel like it when I wake up) to go for a walk on the canal tomorrow morning to check things out. Let's hope the blossoms hold on through the weekend.

Aaaaaaaaand, I stamped sumpin'. It took me all week to make these two cards, so I hope you appreciate them as they come by ...

I took out my un-inked Western set from The Cat's Pajamas that I have had for a looong time, grabbed some more scraps, and over about 3 days, I made two cards. TWO! Well, Wednesday night I was cooking, and Thursday I was near comotose from eating too much food at our Passover Pot Luck, which, by the way, went VERY well.

So I made one boy card and one girl card. That's it!

Tomorrow - ah, tomorrow - the scheduled Play Day with #2 and the Field Trip for the remains of The Scrap Heap. Well, it's OFF. #2 regretfully had to cancel because she has a life, even though it is getting in the way of her play time. We'll just re-scheduled for when she can attend. I mean, it is at her house, after all. So ya know what? I will run the few errands I had already planned to run in the morning, and then ... oh, and THEN .. I shall continue my quest to chip away at The Heap! Maybe not with the same level of energy as I have been exerting, but I will keep using as many scraps as I possibly can. I will!

Wanna know a little secret? I have been really, really good with this whole Scrap Heap thing, but on the side I have been placing online orders for new stuff. Yeah, I've been real bad. REAL bad. I plan to break into my goodies this weekend, so I'll show off as I go. Dontcha just love new stuff? :-)

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  1. Mmmmm....I was suspicious about how *good* you've been...LOL!!!!
    I placed my first order from the new SU catty and it shipped yesterday (Friday) afternoon....guess what I'll be doing Monday???? I can't wait to play with the new stuff!
    I love these *cowboy* cards...I have a cowboy brother and I might just have to order one if they're in your shop :)


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