Monday, April 27, 2009

UHC #11

Today's Under-Appreciated Holiday Challenge is Save The Rhino Day, which is celebrated every year on May 1st. Normally, the holidays I choose are just fun, but as I researched this one I realized it was a serious holiday. Under-appreciated, but serious. Here are some serious links about the endangerd Rhino:,,

Okay, that's enough serious stuff for me ... now on to the Rhino card! The only problem is: I don't have a Rhino stamp. I KNOW, it's crazy, but I don't!!! So I made one. Well, you see, I have a Hippo stamp, but no Rhino, so I thought I'd sorta convert the Hippo into a Rhino by adding a horn. This is what happened:

Allow me to introduce the Rhino-potomus! (#2 made that up for me). There's quite a lot going on with this little card. There's the Rhino-potomus that I made by drawing the horn using my new Memento black marker. That's right - a marker. I got it in both black and brown and it is perfect for when I need to alter an image I plan to color with Copics, or to fix a poorly-stamped image I plan to color with Copics (which is more often the case).

The sentiment was stamped using my Making Memories magnetic alphabet which usually stays safely hidden away in its box because every time I use it, the sentiment comes out looking like this. I have alignment issues.

I used two of the gazillion buttons in the bag of buttons I bought, and sewed them to the ribbon with my SU Linen Thread. The ribbon is the long-ago retired (and hoarded by yours truly) SU Taupe grosgrain, and the DS paper is the flip side of some green leafy SU DS paper I've been using up. Even the base is from The Heap.

Not bad for not having a Rhino stamp, huh?

So go forth and adopt a rhino!


  1. You crack me up!!! Let me know the story behind the person who buys this card at market :)

    Totally Leslie!

  2. Don't look now but your quote of the day is Einstein.


  3. I love your Rhino-potamus...very clever...though why you have a hippopotamus stamp I am not even going to question :)
    I do want to know where you got a Memento Marker though...I could use one of those!!!! I too make mistakes..hard to believe I know, but it's true...lmbo!!!

  4. oof!!!!!!!!! by far the best rhino-pottomus card i have seen all week...but's only wednesday...don't get cocky, ok?!!! :)


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