Monday, April 20, 2009

UHC # 10

Today we play with the Under-Appreciated Holiday of: Mother Goose Day (see also: The Mother Goose Society), which is observed on May 1st every year.
Since I was fatigued last night, I chose to focus on the 'goose' part of the holiday instead of using the opportunity to take advantage of many of the individual nursery rhymes that might have presented more colorful options for creation.

This card is made from Basic Grey papers from the Offbeat 6x6 pack stuck to a white card base, and all the stamp images are from Rosie's Roadshow. And yes, I know that is a duck, not a goose, but I have a ton of ducks, and they also swim and fly like geese, so I stretched the theme a bit. So shoot me. (Actually, I sent an email late last week - at work - with the subject = "Just shoot me". Yeah, rough week.) Ahem, back to the card. The sentiment says, "A good Goose is hard to Find." Take that any way you'd like to take it. ;-)

So that's it for this Under-Appreciated Holiday. Now go forth and celebrate Mother Goose!!!!!!


  1. I love that little goose sitting on the chair!

  2. That's how totally and utterly exhausted I am that I never would have realised that it was a duck in goose's clothing unless you'd pointed it out. I think it does look like a goose even though it's not. I don't like geese, they're noisy, smelly and particularly violent...they will bite you any chance they get, so I think that sentiment is rather apt.
    This is a cute card and I can think of tons of possibilities for this UHC...but as I am just about to start packing my supplies I don't think any of them would get made....but I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with for the UHC's :)

  3. I am dim enough not to realize this is a duck and not a goose. I think a duck is appropriate in any case, because ducks and geese probably should be friends, but what do I know? Kristie, being a country girl at heart, would probably have some expertise on this subject :) I am a suburban girl myself!

    Nice job on the paper piecing; great know BG is my all-time favorite. What I like the most is it's totally Leslie humor and style...except for the fact that there is no ribbon...LOL!


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