Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Card, Two Ways

Since I am soooooo far behind in making up my projects for my May Stamp Camps, I decided to steal some ideas from other bloggers. My dream is that one day I will come up with my own ideas, and maybe someone will want to steal from me. Until then, though, this is totally a one-way street. At least I credit those from whom I have stolen, so you've gotta give me points for that!

Let's see what I stole this time.

I started with this lovely card from Stamp With Jodie. I think I like her because she makes simple cards like I do (when I am not trying new things and scaring you, that is). I did turn the design sideways (largely because I cut the pieces too long and I did not want to trim all of them), and I used a different stamp set because, well, I do not have the one she used. And I used a different piece of hardware, because I bought these forever ago and never used them, so I'm using them now. But other than that, it is a total steal.

Recipe (all SU): Stamps - Pocket Silhouettes; Card stock & paper - Very Vanilla, Taken With Teal, Tempting Turquoise, Flock Together DS paper; Ink - Tempting Turquoise, Taken With Teal; Other - Turquoise gg ribbon, Silver HPH ribbon slide.

Then I thought up something all by myself!!!! What if I stamped the blue images really lightly on the card stock and then stamped another image over them in Basic Gray. Radical! But I did it, and me likey! What do you think? Me being me, I'll probably show my customers both of these and let them decide which one to make. It's much easier on me that way, and this is all about me, right? But if you do have an opinion one way or the other, I would like to hear it. Really!

Lastly, I need to tell you that Al lost a shoe. If you recall, I brought him into the house late Saturday night when I got home, and since Sunday was STINKING hot, I never even left the house. So Monday when I left for work, I noticed a shoe lying next to my car. I just figured one of the neighbors threw it there (don't even get me started) until I got closer and noticed it was really old and beat up, and it looked remarkably similar to ... Al's shoes! So I grabbed it and it is now safely in my abode. Al is still one-shoe-off-and-one-shoe-on, but it has been recovered.

Cute socks, huh? His creator shops second-hand clothing stores for her stuffed people, and she thought to get him socks to go with his shoes. Technically, I suppose I could get him some summer duds, cuz he looks a bit warm in that sweater. Hmm ... this could be fun. :-)

Okay, time for me to get back to stampin something. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your pretty card better the second way...that you came up with all by yourself :)
    And I do need to remind you that I have borrowed ideas from you and if I had half as many stamp sets as you do I would probably borrow more....lmbo!!!!

  2. Oh, niiiiiice CASE! Both cards are sweet, but I prefer...by a VERY small margin...the first one that is all monochromatic.

    To clear up MY opinion on uncharacteristic Leslie cards: you have created some breathtaking cards when you try new things. FAR FAR CRY AWAY from scary :)

  3. ooof your stolen cards are MAGNIFICENT!!! i like the second one best...but then...i am a "more is more" kind of a gal. (as well you know!)

    ps: lemme know in advance before you post the pics of al in his daniel-craig-baby-blue speedo... (avec 2nd hand socks & sensible shoes, obviously!) ...i want to be sure there is plenty of time to hack my modem to death with a fire axe... :)

    (sorry, i seem to be even sarcasticker than usual today...special midweek day off bonus, missus! yours free with purchase!) ♥♥♥

  4. I really love what you did with these cards. Great idea with adding the gray to the second card!


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