Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Box and A Card

I think there is something wrong with me. Well, more-so than usual. I am usually horizontal by 9:30 pm, and this is the third night I have felt like I am on speed. I dunno what it is, and I am okay with it, as long as I do not drop some day around rush hour. That could be deadly.

So tonight, I went a little off-track in the stamping arena. A friend of mine who is a regular card-buying customer (who also happens to work with me) is part of a knitting & crocheting lunch-time group, and she wants me to bring in a box of cards so she can show them off to her fellow crafty pals and maybe sell some for me. (Isn't she nice?!) I just happened to have an empty box and since it used to hold envelopes, it will hold the cards nicely. But a plain white box, with an inventory sticker on the side of it? Nah! Let's see ... do I have any paper around here? YA THINK?! So I selected four sheets of retired Charbon paper from the stash in The Other Room and I did this:

Covered the box, I did! All four sides on the outside, and it is also lined on the inside, and I stuck a piece on the bottom, too! Used up almost the whole four sheets. Yay!

That sign is re-printed from the file I have saved from when I made my basket for Chloe's Coffee Shop - point & print. :-) I used a piece of scrap DS paper as a layer for the oval piece, then I stuck on some of my Hodgepodge Hardware. The ribbon is from the 3990+ feet of the stuff I have. It will not be missed.

I tied the ribbon around the box so it looks like it is holding up the sign on the front, but we all know it is not (holding anything). The sign is stuck on with Dimensionals, so the ribbon is actually just decorative. I never imagined I could actually get it tied tight enough to work like that. (I know me pretty well, I think.)

Nice seam, huh? Hey, I tried to match it and get it stuck down. I tried. At this point I am just happy it is not a dumb white box.

Since I am on speed, I decided to open my new Heart Nestabilities and use up a few SU DS paper scraps. This is what came out:

This card is loosely based on this week's SFYTT. And once again, it is 100% from The Heap. Yay!

I punched the hearts with the smallest Nestie in the bunch. The card stock and DS paper colors are Baja Breeze and Kraft. The circle sizes are 1", 1 1/8" and 1 1/4". The Baja Breeze circle is popped up, but totally not on purpose. I figured out that it disappeared into the same-colored DS paper strip, so I last-minute added the white circle, and since the Dimensionals were already stuck on, well, that's why they are popped up. Yeah, like I'd planned it. One of these days I am going to mess up so bad I'll create something fabulous and maybe get famous and be able to retire. Man, I crack myself up! I am so glad I take these things in stride and I just laugh a lot. :-)

PS: Did you notice: no ribbon! And yes, it is killing me!

I only have two or three more evenings before I need to get serious about packing up The Heap, so who knows what'll happen! Let's all be surprised! :-)

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  1. I'd call that pseudo-ribbon on the card!

  2. Your box turned out cute and your card is FABULOUS!!! Leslie vs. The Heap...Leslie is winning :)

  3. You know you are guaranteed to get some dog hair on your cardstock when you come over.


  4. I am rather impressed by the huge amount of DP that you managed to use up on just ONE project...nice work! And I agree with Brenda...the DP on the card does look a bit like ribbon, but I understand what you mean...I always feel weird about cards without ribbon...they just don't seem finished IYKWIM? Of course you know what I mean...sorry I forgot who I was talking to for a second :)


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